Wyze Cam V3 Sound Quality/Static

I’m definitely not impressed by the audio quality in the V3. The picture is great but don’t plan on hearing anything.


both V2 and V3 have terrible microphone quality. I hope V4 improves the microphone quality so that you can have a two way conversation or hear audio clearly during recordings.

So far the camera I have (and I have Eufy, Canary, Owl Cam, iVideon, Wyze. The Canary has by far the best microphone quality.

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I have been sending in videos by the boatload for a long time. I applied as beta tester long time ago. I have never been accepted although i am quite qualified and home bound so i have tons of time.
I would have caught this and vehemently addressed this issue.
Perhaps, its time to refresh your pool.
Anyways, the audio is even worse than v2, I find it unacceptable and will return mine unless we get some reply here that your addressing this with an update if even possible .
I have a pan cam which broke, 4 cams, watch 42 and wyze band.

Just fix the audio problem, I don’t know why they have all these beta testing while the most basic function is not not being fix!!! So mad about Wyze cam…

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I agree…

Audio on my v2 was fine but video quality in low light sucked. So they fixed low light in v3 and screwed up the audio for a lot of us. Have never read a solution to this issue. Sad…

Wow we bought ours for the camera care less about the audio

Same here the audio was far less important than the video to me.

All my cameras are outside (16 V3’s) and the few V2’s I didn’t sell ended up in the barn.

Still have 7 of those V2’s some with weather resistant housings that I may eventually sell off, and one V1 Pan-Cam in barn that I will probably keep.

I do not have any cameras indoors in personal living/working areas, due to my personal privacy practices.

No one is getting past the outside cameras to get in my home, shop, or outbuildings.

And even if they do I have a professional alarm system (Honeywell/Ademco) that I installed covering everything (doors, windows, glass breakage, motion detection, Fire/Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature extremes, Water flooding, etc…) 92 zones/sensors total.

Audio is pretty important when you’re using the Wyze cam as an indoor nanny cam, e.g. for children with babysitters, or in a care home with elderly relatives.

Then use a V2 in that situation, not like you need the better night vision there in the home.
And as you said in another post “The issue is that the audio quality was fine on the V2 cams”

I checked for stand-alone WiFi microphones for audio monitoring but a V2 is much cheaper than those.

Or use both a V2 and V3 in your home?

Came here to complain about the audio. It’s so bad. This is my first camera too. Might just refund and get a better one.

Seemed OK to me, this was my review in another post:
V2 vs. V3 Audio test comparisons for customers & WYZE STAFF review

We have no issues with the audio…we bought the cameras for the videos and pictures not for the audio

I have had the same problem with my v2 and v3 cameras. I have 15 cameras. I need good audio on 5 of them. We have to be able to understand what people are saying. Only 2 v2 out of 10 have good sound. The rest of either so low you can’t hear anything, or too garbled to understand anything. My new V3s only a few months to a few days old have such low audio, you can’t hear what people are saying more than a few feet away. I recently bought a very inexpensive light bulb camera $15 and it has such great sound, I can make out voices 50 ft away. Why can’t Wyze fix their audio? the v3 video is great. Low light color is great. It makes me want to buy a different brand where I really need audio.

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We have the same issue on all our v3 cameras (bought in April 2021). When recording a silent room there’s a weird almost ocean wave -sounding noise. It’s virtually impossible to understand what anyone is saying, even when the camera is less than 6ft away. We’ve cycled them off/on, etc, but it makes no difference. I was hoping that with the numerous software updates that this would be fixed… no one has said in any reviews that the SOUND has been improved on the v3 pro cameras, either, despite the many complaints on the v3’s sound.

i am at ces this week. I was hoping wyze would be there to talk to them about products, but no luck. they are not here that I see.

Such a good video with crappy audio. their doorbell is even worse for audio. It would be a great product if audio would work.

I tried writing to ceo, but no response.

I bought a cheap $20 ptz light bulb camera, and it has far better audio than wyze.

i also have 10 v2 cameras. only 2 of them have good sound. the other 8 are muffled and or very low volume making voices impossible to understand.

if I didn’t have so many wyze cams in service I would vote to pay double for cams that i absolutely need clear audio for. But I have found other cams from other manufacturers for the same price that have good audio. such a shame wyze can’t fix the audio problem. I guess most people don’t care about audio.

ITS NOT JUST YOUR WYZE V3…ALL Wyze cameras have terrible…frankly “completely unusable” audio.

I have been purchasing their cameras from the very beginning. I have every series expect the last ones: “OG” and “telephoto”. But I suspect they will have the same digitized garbled audio. You can try as much as you like, you may be able to decipher as much as 1/3 of the speech being spoken.
So, for the money, they are good video, cameras, but extremely poor, useless for audio.

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I have good luck with 2 of my 10 wyze v2 camera audios. They had excellent audio. I could hear clearly people 50 feet away. the rest were garbage. The wyze doorbell was even worse. I only wish wyze could figure out what is wrong. their claim is the og is much better audio, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

I hsve v2,v3,v3 ptz v3 pro and i have a few of the OG models and the audio is excellent in all of them except the old V2,we dont buy a camera for the audio,we buy it for the pictures, videos…i guess if a person wants audio then install a few wireless speakerphone… well gooduck to all and God bless all and from what i have been reading WWW3 is coming up,china and Russia are going to team up against the west,so with that said all of the elections coming from china will no longer be available… and from what our company has been told,prices are going way up as supply gets low. This year will be bad,even at your local grocery stores, etc…