Wyze Cam V3 RSTP, Mount Outside, Alexa Integration

Has anyone installed the current RSTP version on this and does it work well?

How secure does this feel when mounting outside with just the single screw hole on the base? Can it be tightened so that it does not move with the wind?

Will this work with an Alexa video display device and be activated by asking Alexa to view the camera?

There is no version of RTSP for the v3 yet. They say one is coming in the future but no dates given.

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I would also like to have RSTP working on the Cam v3. I do not like being forced to use the Wyze app, especially since it does not seem to work on a private network (i.e. one that is not connected to the internet).

With respect to the single screw mounting issue though, I would say that it is going to depend upon how much wind you are getting and whether you have the articulating arm extended or if it is folded up. If it is folded up, there is less of a moment arm for the wind to act upon between the camera head and the camera base. Is the issue that you are concerned that the camera moving will be interpreted as motion detection? Easy way to check your installation for movement though would be to install in a test area to a secure base, set it for continuous record, and then use a leaf blower to blow towards the camera from various angles and distances. Even electric leaf blowers should be able to blow at enough of a wind velocity that it would simulate lower level hurricanes and tornadoes. For wind velocities more than that, you can probably expect other things to be blowing around triggering the motion detection anyway.

I’ve actually held off buying any more Cam V3’s because I need RSTP for my installations.
It’s very nice to be able to view multiple cameras on the same screen with my phone or computer, instead of one at time.

I would definitely agree with that… Especially considering the delay between something happening and it showing in the Wyze app… Having to switch from camera to camera, one at a time, does not make it better either… You have to wonder if the developers of this product have ANY experience with how security systems are used in the real world… If I’m concerned about the security of my building, I’m going to have cameras all around the perimeter of it and I’m going to be monitoring all of them at the same time so that I know where to go immediately to address any trespassing incident… I’m in Texas and trespassing can get you shot (legally in certain situations)…

If you were that into security, you would not be buying little wyze cams :joy:

Put your cameras in groups…you then can view multiple live streams.