Wyze Cam v3 Pro, Wyze Cam v3, v2 and Wyze Cam Pan and v2 firmware - 11/2/22

Sorry for the trouble. We found an issue on the v2/pan 9.x firmware. If your WiFi password is longer than 21 character, there is a chance that the v2/pan will not able to re-connect to WiFi after rebooting and need to be re-setup. We will make improvement on this issue ASAP. If your device currently has this issue and you don’t want to modify the WiFi password, please use this link to flash your device back to the 8.1002 firmware. We are really sorry for the inconvenience and we will fix this issue.


That explanation makes a lot of sense and give me optimism for a solution soon. :+1:

I have been burned a number of times in the past using SSIDs and passwords that were compatible with some hardware but not compatible with other hardware or firmware.

I’ve updated 3 Wyze 3 cameras to a new firmware, and after that, I get false motion detection every 5 minutes. I don’t know why exactly in 5 minutes, though. And the strange thing is that this happens only on one camera. I tried lowering the sensitivity, restarting the camera, and turning night vision on and off, but no luck. I even turn off the camera from the app, but still get the motion detection events, even though the app shows the camera is off. I don’t have physical access to the cameras, so I can’t turn them off from the electricity. Any ideas on what to do?

UPDATE: I did a firmware update during the evening, so my observation was based on the nighttime. With the daylight, it’s still a total mess :frowning: I get 5 min notifications about motion detection (just a general motion detection event); I left only person detection turned on and the same, and now I get a person detected notification every 5 min, even on turned off (from app) camera. The only option, as I understand, is to turn off notifications, which makes the camera completely pointless.

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Are you using Cam Plus Lite? The 5 minute intervals might be because that is the Cam Plus Lite cool down period between notifications. Have you tried a factory reset and move to the new firmware during daylight hours?

I upgraded in bulk to fix the 3001 error on recording. It basically bricked most of my V2 cams and the ones it did not are having problems recording to the SD card. Spent most of the day climbing ladders outside to manually flash all my V2 cameras back to since Wyze doesn’t test anything before they push it out. So many problems with this company over the years. I am just resigned to never update my firmware after this nonsense unless the app will stop working. If they do that i will just go with another company. So fed up at this point. Support is always a run around so I just learned to manually flash and climb the ladders. Sad that this company never really mastered the first device they shipped; cameras… but hey you can brick a bunch of other devices from Wyze now! LOL.


Since latest firmware update,, I am continually getting the question mark and no uploads on both my v3 cameras. Randomly thru the day, no reason given.
Nighttime and daytime. There’s is picture, length of recordings 12 to xx seconds, but nothing uploaded.

I’ve powercycled, restarted cameras etc, continues to happen and unfortunately, several times are videos I want to View, that’s how I realized they aren’t uploaded. Usually starts uploading by itself after a while even if do nothing.

Because of security update, says I need to reset entire camera, I think I need to return to previous firmware

Prior to, I never had this issue of no uploads, I’ve had these two v3 about year now.

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Ever since the late Oct firmware update my cam v2 are not doing sound notifications when the camera is added to my Cam Plus Lite account. I had hoped that this firmware update would fix this but it hasn’t :sob: currently have reset my cams and running with no subscription. Not ideal but at least I have the sound notifications working

Have removed from CamPlus three times and re-add but still happening. Thought maybe it would only last 5 minutes, but it’s beyond 5 minute cool down, and I have CamPlus so shouldn’t matter anyway

Person detection originally quit working for day until raised motion way high, but suddenly started working as intended the next day, so lowering back down.
Detection zone seems like not recognizing as getting more videos, but might be because motion detection was raised so high.

Submitted log 786119 with screenshot of multiple videos not uploaded. Stopped at 9;40am and resumed by itself at 9:55am. Eleven (11) videos have question mark and not uoploaded ranging from 12-22 seconds

I’m seeing the same thing on my V3 cameras. I get the 0 second clips with just the green question mark. It just started happening after the last firmware update. Both cameras are subscribed to cam plus. It has to be something in that firmware. I never had this issue prior to updating to

Sorry for the trouble. Could you please submit a device log from that v3 with a screenshot of the 0s events? Thank you very much.

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Sorry for the trouble. We have fixed that issue on the cloud side. Please see if you can receive the sound notifications now. Thanks

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I’m not sure if that response about the cloud being fixed was for me but it hasn’t fixed my problem. Lost sound notifications again when reassigned my cam to CamPlus Lite. Still getting the event but no notification.
I’ve submitted two logs about this. They are 772974 and 772876

Confirming @jklingbe’s and @hub1’s posts.

Multiple instances of Failure To Upload \ unplayable Green Question Mark Event Videos on multiple V3 cams since updating to V3 FW

Cam log 787930


All my cams are doing this, and it’s becoming more and more common.




Cam V3Pro FW
Android 11 App 2.37.0(b111)

Cam V3Pro’s native Recent Events player\viewer has no “Jump to SD Card Video” capability.

The only way to Jump to the corresponding timestamp on the SD Card from the Event Video being played\viewed is to close the V3Pro UI, open the Events Tab UI, find the same Event Video in the Events list, play the video, and select the SD Playback icon in the Event Player\Viewer UI

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My issue with the cam v2 is now fixed thank you! Think it just took a little time to sort it self out after I tested a couple of hours ago. Both cameras working. So wonderful, very relieved, thank you!

After the firmware update, my Pan v2 camera bricked up and the light stayed red. I could not reinstall it as the setup button would do nothing… not even factory reset it. Wyze is sending me a replacement and said it’s a known issue that has affected some Pan v2 cameras. As an aside, a brand new Pan v2 arrived today from Amazon. It refused to set up right out of the box. I pressed the setup button and there was dead silence… no “Ready to Connect,” nothing! It’s going right back to Amazon. I think I’m done with the Pop an v2 cameras until they get it right. I’m crossing my fingers that the replacement that WYZE is sending me works and setup actually does setup the camera.

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Before.this update, my floodlight cam was working fine, had a rule set so if my floodlight cam saw motion at night, it would turn on my front lights as well. After this update, every time the front lights turn off, flood light cam throws an alert for vehicle detected, and turns the front lights on for two minutes. At the two minute mark when the front lights turned off again, repeated with another alert and turned the lights back on. It was bad enough the cameras give alerts to lightning all the time but now just the lights they control. Had to turn off my rule off to keep from getting alerts every two minutes and stop my front yard lights from flashing on and off.

I wish the firmware updates were optional if they were not absolutely essential. Every time I get one, it screws things up. Now TWO Pan v2 cams are bricked and have to be replaced…. And one plug is worthless.