Wyze Cam v3 Pro: The 2K smart camera you've been waiting for

Pre-ordered on the 26th and cancelled it this afternoon.
Wyze, if you are going to take preorders, you should have those ready to ship out on release day!
After messaging support, they told me I should give it a week… No thanks.
Support also advised me that they couldn’t split the shipment of the other items in the order until the pros shipped. Quite ridiculous, as I had a separate order for the hub and a bunch of sensors that all arrived as separate shipments from one order.
I told them they could either ship the order today or cancel it… Moments later I got the cancellation notice.
Cheers Wyze, you have guaranteed I will never order anything from your site again. If I decide to purchase any of your products in the future, I’ll just get it in-store at a Home Depot and know that I’ll have my stuff now and not whenever you decide I’m worthy.

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I just got my v3 Pros setup. A few things that I’ve noticed that don’t work at this time. View.wyze.com just shows a black screen. Trying to view these cameras with the Alexa skill fails with a black screen as well.

I know they said at launch that they are working on getting the Webview up and running soon (ie: it wouldn’t be ready immediately, but would be soon).

I did notice that it is not streaming with Alexa, but the Alexa Triggers are currently working for creating routines with it at least.


I’ll be more patient :slight_smile:

I just got my V3 Pro today. The video is noticeably better… but I unfortunately have a weird static thing when listening to the sound of the live feed. It is literally sitting on top of a V3 and the V3 sounds just fine.

A bit frustrating I think. I’ve tried moving it around. Changing sound detection settings…no luck.

I will be submitting a log with video samples. Anyone else noticing this on theirs?

I like some of the other features of the camera but I feel like something is off with the microphone?


I would definitely submit logs and samples on the FW release topic for the newest update.

Once more units go online, more feedback can roll in to that thread so the Devs can pull logs.

I just logged into http://view.wyze.com and see my video feed. I use Firefox on Windows 7.
I also use the free LDPlayer to view android apps and when open you can download the Wyze app.

The new http://view.wyze.com looks to be good. I can see past events that show bigger thumbnails. The thumbnails are all darken until you put your cursor over one of them. Please do not darken. It is far quicker to view the thumbnails images if left brighten.

I can play the video and pause but cannot drag the slider back. I have to watch the whole video and click on the Reply button. It would be nice if this moving back and forth the slider to view just the section I want to see.

You can also have a separate tab or window of your browser open and view Full screen and resize the browser window to your liking.

I received an email early Sunday morning at 2:06am (they arrive early to work…)
I bought the new WYZE Can v3 Pro with 2k resolution. I ordered on Oct 30th.

Your order shipped! In just a few days, you’ll be controlling your smart home like magic.

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I received my Wyze Cam v3 Pro this late afternoon. Now setup. Still need to transfer the license from the old to the new camera. The detail I have seen so far at night is better. I can read the apt #'s of those that were blurry in my courtyard apt. bldg with the 1k camera. The sky and clouds look more detail.

I have my camera inside pointing out and when right up to the window there is no interference from light peaking thru my blinds. I use a Wyze Window Mount for Wyze Cam v3. It fits perfectly with the Pro version as it is rubber and stretches around the camera.

I also use a Twist Mount for All-New Wyze Cam V3 as a support for the camera. I can twist the product so it will get the camera right next to the window.

The Twist mount does not go high enough for me. I tried hanging from the top off a curtain rod but get to much sky instead of a lower view as I cannot get the camera close enough to the window and get the light reflection.

I will get a mini tripod so I can get the height I want as I will now place the camera on the windowsill. I figure I can adjust the legs so I can tip the camera close to the window.
I have tried the new http://view.wyze.com to view on the web browser and LDPlayer window. LDPlayer stays live a lot longer without having to log in again as the wyze sight so far does.


That’s a cool twist mount. I’ve used flexible legged tripods in similar situations, but the one you shared is slightly cheaper and less bulky. Kind of cool. I can see what you mean about it not getting close enough to the window though. I think you’re right that a mini-flexible-tripod might work better.

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Can you submit a log for your cam in its settings > Wyze support. Post the log number here

So, I decided to open an incident about my static sounds in the audio feed (live or recorded). Support is replacing the camera. I tried everything and nothing made it better unfortunately.

Hoping the replacement is better. Anyone tried a sound check on their cameras?

EDIT: This is for the V3 PRO. I have Static when I listen to the live feed and audio recordings.


Is this for the v3 pro?

Did the audio improve the pro camera ?

Also… fun fact… and kind of a science experiment. I have the v3 Pro sitting right on top of a v3. They both have Cam Plus. They are picking up different things and events. I have ONLY AI events to record (love it). My cat walked in front of them and the v3 (old) picked it up… the Pro skipped over it. I have all the check boxes set for dog, cat, person, chupacabra, friendly face, …

I’m not certain I had the exact same settings on both cameras (sensitivity wise)…but I’m still seeing them simul-log the same event too. Anyway, fun times.


edited for clarity.

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The event window is better… and the playback window is IMMENSELY better. They’ve moved some things around but I really like the interface now. I will say that. The video is better too. Not a ‘leap’ better but better all the same.

We’ll see where they take it in terms of AI and Smart Vision. That is the key to the camera I think.


Thanks .

Yes I’ve been reading and listening to v3 pro audio footage and it honestly sounds the same as the stand alone v3 .

Was really hoping the audio improved on these cameras…

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I have my V3Pro setup right beside a V3 indoors for testing, both on a window ledge with the face flush against the glass, Color NV.

From the events I got today, I am going to have to dial the V3Pro sensitivity back.

These are downloaded event videos from each cam. I am not getting any static on the V3Pro. But, if you listen closely, you can hear a rhythmic tic about every second on the V3Pro. That is a wall clock about 10 feet from the cams. The V3 does not pick it up. The Mic seems to be better on the Pro.

The bottom one is the Pro.

Also, I zoomed in on the video, the V3 Pro does not produce the pixel mash that the V3 does.


Nice comparison. I notice a color range is much different. Richer perhaps?

Yes. The Pro looks a bit darker, but really a deeper range of color. I just looked at some of the daytime shots and the color is better on the Pro, but I am getting a white halo effect from the reflection in the glass so I will need to move these to continue testing.