Wyze Cam v3 Pro: The 2K smart camera you've been waiting for

I turn event recording (CLOUD RECORDING) off all the time on Critter V3 with cam plus during the day because the birds playing in the water bowl drive it crazy and I get a ton of event videos. The videos still record to the SD in the Camera in both motion events or continuous mode.



I do something similar at the cottage. I turn notifications off while I’m there as I go in and out-on and off the deck. Constantly outside (love the outdoors), AS I don’t have CamPlus Lite, I was juts wondering how are recordings on SD handled.

Short version of slab’s comprehensive answer: “as long as the event lasts”. :slight_smile:


YES!! I’m no longer the only one who needs TLDR; summaries! Slabslayer gave a great comprehensive answer that I can appreciate as a detail oriented person myself…and I’m glad to have some good company in that department now. :joy: Welcome to the club Slabslayer! Happy to have you join me brother.

But yes, your summary is a good one too for those who need a TLDR;. :slight_smile:


What’s crazy is that in every other aspect of my life (personal and business) I’m considered the ridiculously long-winded one.

Draw your own conclusions, in any direction you see fit. :wink:


Like most users who have CP assigned to their cams, there isn’t much reason to put them on CPL or motivation to step down a level.

However you CAN do this if you are in the testing mood.

I move cams back and forth between CP\CPL\No subs because I do a lot of testing of ẞFW and ẞApps. You can “purchase” a CPL subscription on the website for “$0” and use it to test cams. There isn’t any conflict with CP.

Just be warned, the only way to get a cam off of CPL is to assign it to CP. Even if you don’t have any open CP Subs, you can still play the shell game and unsub a cam to free up a CP Sub to pull a cam off CPL and then switch them back.

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I have found that you can not delete just one cam from CPL, it is all or nothing. If there is a way to do just one cam I would like to know what it is. Maybe just sign into Web site account and reduce the number by 1 ?

I’m not sure what you mean by “delete” 1 cam from CPL. Perhaps that is how you would need to do it if you don’t have any CP licenses???

I know there are issues with not being able to “unassign” a cam from CPL. Without any CP license to use, I have read where the only way is to cancel the CPL sub and start over. But I have never had to do that because I have CP licenses so that is how I get cams off of CPL. I don’t have any experience w\ doing it that way.

Here, I have 3 cams on CPL. The only way to get it off of CPL is to “Pull” it to CP. Once assigned to CP, it falls off of CPL.

I have both Cam Plus and CPL. To make a change to the CPL account you need to go to your web page account and start over as I remember from a previous transaction. Of course my memory may be faulty.??? :rofl:

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Yeah. I don’t go that route. Too much trouble. I find it easier to pull individual cams out of CPL using an open CP rather than trudging thru the online account subscription.

I accidentally cancelled my CP license on three of my cams. Don’t ask why, it’s a long story :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to get those licenses back without paying? I had another month and a half left till license renewal :frowning:

Call customer service. They might be able to turn them back on… If they were purchased thru the website. It is the only shot. Especially if you were at a great locked in rate. I have my doubts though.

And, with the recent transition of the subscriptions to a new processing, administration and tracking platform, Wyze no longer offers a pro-rated refund for cancelled subscriptions.

How many cams do you have on CamPlus? You might be better off just getting the 99 cam unlimited for $99

With the current cost @ $20ish \ annually per cam, you cover your costs at the 5 cam breakpoint and have room for 94 more.

I had five and now I have two only. I might just do that. Thanks.

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It’s Nov 4th! Wonder if they still plan to ship the 2K cams today? :slightly_smiling_face:


My order says not fullfilled :unamused:

I ordered Oct 30 and I am waiting on the email saying it has shipped. Anticipation :slight_smile:
From today status check: ## Your order is confirmed
You’ll receive an email when your order is ready.

Order updates

You’ll get shipping and delivery updates by email.

I got a shipping notification for the V3 Pro last night at 11PM Eastern time, so surprisingly right on the 4th as promised.
Edited to add: I placed the order on Oct 24th


Just got mine, but video only plays in the smartphone app… view.wyze.com shows the camera all right but just a black screen for video… I bet they didn’t rig the website for the 2K video… sigh.

Interesting. :thinking:

The Wyze Website states that the V3 Pro is compatible:

Which devices are supported?
The ability to view the live stream and Event videos is available on Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam v3 Pro, and Wyze Cam Pan v1.

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Sure I know that but I just tried three different browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome) and it’s still A BLACK SQUARE.

Maybe if I just wait…

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