Wyze Cam V3 Power Supply Cable Recommendation

That was covered in the main V3 thread here:


In your search, “wyze+25’ cable” google is funny about how searches are written

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Hello People,
When I bought longer power cords for some of my V2s, I discovered the mico ends to be too large openings provided for it. I found that they were easy to grind down as per the pictures below. The piece of wood shown is to make an eyeball comparison of grinding progress relative to a Wyze plug.

Be careful not to grind part of your fingertips. Resizing could also be accomplished with sharp knives.


Yes, any power source that could physically fit in the V2’s recessed hole should work fine on the V3.

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If you have a decent extension cord, use that to provide a/c closer to your camera’s home

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*I have preordered 4 units but have a question. Do you have a power cable splitter that would enable me to use one (existing power cable that was VERY difficult to install) to split it enabling me to power both cameras? Losing the USB is ok IF other options other than running a new power cable to current users is a problem and should have been considered into this updated version.


@just4pickels I ordered this today because I am in a similar situation… I will let you know how it works…

The short cable on the V3 will connect to any Wyze power cord… Other compatible cords often have an odd shaped casing around the connector that doesn’t fit in the protective sleeve on the short camera attached cord

If the extra length would not be exposed outside, an alternative would be to use a USB extension cable in addition to the included cable.

I currently use a USB extension cable that is 42.5’ long and have no problems with it

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I used that adapter and it worked great. The v3 USB has a rubber sleeve that slides over the connection and gives it protection from the weather.

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Hello, Big_monkey.
In the past when I used longer power cords for my V2s, the micro USB end sometimes needed to be modified to fit into the camera. This link shows how I modified the micro USB terminal:
Making a micro USB fit into the back of a WYZE V2 or Pan camera
This method should be adaptable to the V3 connection as long as a smooth modified surface was obtained to resist water intrusion.
Victor Maletic.

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For outdoor use do you have to keep the V3 plugged in or does it have a battery that is being charged?

Hi @kadehumpherys The V3 cam is strictly USB powered, no internal batttery.

So how would having it plugged in outside void the warranty if it’s an indoor/outdoor camera?

There is a short USB cord out the back of cam with a sleve to keep water out. It is listed as:
Weather Resistance: IP65 Weather resistant, Indoor/Outdoor so no problem with warranty.

Wyze Cam v3 Tech Specs

edit: As of March 08, 2021 21:47 Content is in-Progress.

No battery…

Hi I am also a newbie I have ordered my Wyze cam 3 and as I will connect to power source inside the garage, so water ingress would not be a problem. I will drill a hole for the usb pigtail to go in. However I do need a longer extension insdie the garage to a power socket, I was thinking of using this:
As long as I can plug it into the pigtail ? That is one of my questions also as I am in the UK would I have to us a 5 volt power adapter?

Hello @walton_edward.
The 10’ power cord you referenced will work fine.

I Googled your question about using it in Canada. It should work fine.

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Many thanks for your help