Wyze Cam v3 Now Available! - 10/27/20

So what does your reply mean, exactly? When can I expect to receive a shipping confirmation?

OK, Looked it up and I guess they don’t have the V3 working with Alexa yet. On the support help under intigretion it says it only supports v2 and pan cam. So Wyze how long before I can ask Alexa to show me my v3 camera??? I love my v3 but it’s a total pain to have to use the app to see it and I can’t see it on my alexa devices??? This should have been included in the intial firmware!!!

Yes it does work , each one of my 4 , V3 cameras will show , when I ask Alexa to show them on my fire TV


It works for my V3 cameras. I just checked them, showed up live right on my Alexa Show.

Works on my show 8 as well, first thing i did after i setup the cam - in my experience it connected quicker and had less lag than my V2’s do


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I pre ordered the cam ver 3 on Oct 27 so NO ITS NOT AVAILABLE YET. DEC 7

Okay so my pre order of four V3 cameras arrived today. I thought this order disappeared from my account and because I saw no order history of them anywhere. So I ended up ordering six more V3 cameras, which won’t arrive until January. Now I’m going to have more cameras than I wanted, which I’m sure I can still use, but it’s still ridiculous all my orders don’t have a record of the on my account.

So Wyze, please make it so our pre orders show up on our accounts!

You guys really screwed up on this. Don’t sell stuff you don’t have. Now you have another delay until January, not cool dudes!

I just received another email saying that my ship date has been changed again.

I just got that and I had 3 top honchos of the company go into the facebook group last week promising they would ship on such and such date and now they broke that promise. I appreciate they said something so we can make other arrangements but I will never buy another product from this company again. They lost my trust in them with this V3 situation and I suppose a lot of other people as well.

Figures, this is an issue that I’ve been facing since week one after order is the inability to cancel. Spent 25 minutes trying to cancel my V3 and it is not going through. No error message or anything. I sent tickets and no response. :frowning:

They should never have projected November as their shipping date. They should have stated January to begin with. Also they should make sure that they ship first come first serve, eve if some people order several and once they run out of stock the pre orders are cut off. They never should project shipping around the holidays. They know the holidays are a mess even without the pandemic and it’s almost a year now we’ve had this pandemic so this isn’t their first rodeo during this time. Major screw up which sadly is losing them customers.

They may ship by 12/19/2020, And remember, this is an estimate. I bought multiple cameras, so I get to wait even longer.

They may. Right. First it was November. Then 2nd to last business days it was January. Then oops computer glitch. Definitely in December for those who order in October. Granted the new date is in line. Then head honcho goes into facebook group states for sure orders placed such and such dates will be shipped such and such dates. Swore that up til yesterday. Now yet another email stating a delay. HOw long are you going to sit and wait before you get fed up. I can’t even get in and cancel. I have not been able to cancel this order since the day after I ordered (emergency came up). I called and was told they would get back to me. Or I send email and they said they’d see if they could get approval, never heard back. So for over a month I’ve been trying to cancel with no luck. Broken promises. And head honcho said 2 days ago “I promise and cross my heart that your order will ship no later than 12/9/2020” yet here we are. Yet another promise they can’t make. This is not their first Christmas season and the pandemic has been around 10 months, so they should know a bit more. If this was a company that started up 2 months ago and run by a bunch of 14 year olds I would maybe overlook it. Why they even release this stuff around Christmas knowing shipping delays is beyond me. I feel sorry for the people who ordered in hopes of giving these as Christmas gifts. Thankfully I didn’t but I’m through. I’ll either wait til the product is in Home Depot or not buy any of their products again. I’m sorry but they need a wake up call. I want them to succeed as their cams are great but a lot of people were waiting on these. So I can’t get through to them and Facebook messenger is down. Great. And a mysterious package in limbo in one of my local Post Offices that may or may not be the cam but the record keeping is terrible. I’ve spent a year trying to get my account fixed as constant problems and no resolution. Always “We’ll get back to you. We have escalated this” but nothing. I try to be supportive but man it’s getting pretty hard.

Great! You guys just sent me a email saying I could get one for FREE! But there’s a few problems with that offer. First it’s only being offered to US citizens. Second, you need a subscription to CamPlus.

Lucky me, not a US citizen and I had a CamPlus subscription for 2 weeks and the service never worked.

So how do I get to take advantage of this offer?

Wyze we need answers. 3 people from the Wyze Core group have all got shipments sent from NJ on the same day. I am not getting resolution from the Post Office as I do not like mystery packages, but if there is for some chance shipping from NJ please tell us. The records on our accounts are far to be desired, but I do find it odd that 3 of us who pre ordered the V3s have shipments from same NJ facility on the same day. USPS is useless in answering who sends these.

Someone else here said that their order went missing like yours but the got a shipping notice so there is hope for you yet.

I wonder if it is then. Wyze said they don’t ship from New Jersey but at this point I don’t know how much to believe that. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing with Wyze. Not sure though why the Post Office would lose these orders. Mine was shipped just through USPS and not smartpost. As usual no direct answer from Wyze on it. And my regular mail carrier is off today or she’d look into the package for me to see who sent it as they have that capability. I just never ordered anything but the Wyze cam so I’m totally stumped.

I had a package go missing from the PO two weeks ago, but the ebay vendor refunded my money as soon as I pointed out it was in limbo between Syracuse NY and me. Now another one is 4 days late, somewhere between me and Ohio. I still hold out hope for the Ohio one.

That would be great if I knew who the sender was. I keep saying I never ordered anything but the V3 and since Wyze is adamant that it isn’t my cam I have no idea what it is. No one I know has ordered anything for me (as there’s only 4 people left alive that would do so) and none of them live in New Jersey.

And just now they sent me $1 and have no record of it?