Wyze cam v3 notifcation not work on XiaoMi 9

Hi, I bought Wyze cam v3 a few days ago, so far it works fine, The only issue is my Xiaomi cellphone (MI 9, MIUI 12.5.6) doesn’t show notifications, sound or text, whatever. I turn on all notification setup on the phone, still not luck. What I have missed?

Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you have your device notifications set up, but what about your event recording settings. If you live view the V3, click the gear in the upper right, then click event recording, what are your detect motion or detect sound settings? Those need to be enabled so that you can get cloud recordings, and those cloud recordings are what trigger the app notifications.

If you have those settings enabled, check the event tab off the main page of the app to see if you have cloud recordings from that camera in the event tab.

If you have events but no notifications, that’s one issue, but if you have neither events nor notifications that’s a completely separate issue which is hopefully fixed by making sure event recording “detects motion” or sound is enabled.

Doing a quick Google search, looks like your phone has Android 11 on it? Is that correct?

Hello, thank you, My event recording settings has Detects Motion enabled, but Detects Sound not. I do have event recordings under the event tab - so I have events, but no notification. I wonder if this has something to do with my phone type. Yes it has Android 11.