Wyze cam v3 keeps tripping with car headlights

If I understand this correctly.

Attach a v1 motion sensor to the V3 cam to fix the prob ?
Sounds great !
Glad I kept my v1 motion door n window sensors.

Sadly my only working v2 cam,
Can only support one motion device ???

I tried to correct this (yrs ago,) and gave up just that long ago too.

My cams (v2 - V3) are indoors, peering out. I vaguely remember or thought, those motion sensors cannot peer thru glass ???

As I said b4, grest idea n a wonderful fix /use of leftover wyze tech.

Exactly. Especially with insulated windows, the IR sensors will work best outside, triggering the cams inside.

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On my Floodlight for my driveway, it would trigger on car lights pretty often, but I dealt with it.

We started putting up a few Christmas lights that flash…and holy cow, it’s detecting every few seconds now.

I had to turn the camera and floodlight off.


So, the Griswold Christmas hath arrived! Let the rejoicing begin.

Seriously, you have my sympathy!
And my full attention as I prepare to put up lights for my familial units. And my thanks for an incredibly amusing image!
(hoping not to offend)

Also hoping that your flashing lights are LEDs, and will not produce enough heat to trigger the camera if you use an IR based pre-trigger to start recording!!

And when you you have defeated this gremlin, I am really looking forward to hearing the victorious conclusion!

Zoning down to the bone indeed will help, but I found that in my case it was not enough, In addition, I placed the camera as high as I could, and then I did something that not every person can do: Outside my house is a post lamp, which until now had a decorative mini LED bulb which simulated flickering flames. It garnered many compliments but generated a trivial amount of light. I I took that bulb out and substituted A VERY BRIGHT OUTDOOR LED BULB. That bright light helped reduce the pixel contrast which fooled your camera into interpreting it as a “person.”

Because this camera is behind window glass, I had to switch off Infra Red, which might have helped considerably.

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I have the same issues that most have. The only thing that has made it bearable is to have outside lights on. I have this on 2 cameras and it cut down the false triggers by 95%.
Good luck.

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