Wyze cam v3 feedback

Hello, to Everyone…

… This may not be the correct place for the following comment but, I wanted to let people know about my new Cam3.

I ordered my Cam3 when the second batch were available. I received it fast and with no issues. Since I have Cam2 and one video cam setting up my Cam3 was fast and easy. No issues.

I purchased the optional camera attachable light for the Cam3. After a few tries of connecting it, the two-way tape took hold. At first the light kept on popping off of the camera.

I am extremely pleased with the quality and service of Wyze. I hope other clients are having some good thoughts too and enjoying their Wyze products.

If this is the wrong place for this post, please put it where it will be seen by others…

Best wishes to all,

Jack Robinson
GySgt., U.S.M.C., Retired


Great !! Nice to see someone who is happy with their purchase.

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I’m also happy with V3, just wish the configuration of a motion detection zone was the grid instead of the rectangle. Images are from a V2 and V3 mounted side by side on the second story looking out through the window on a parking lot in front of my condo. When I set up two v3s today, one of them was temperamental about connecting to Wi-Fi until I rebooted the router.

For an unrelated issue the other day I launched a chat window on the website to get support and was ninth in line and spent a reasonable 10 minutes waiting for support to join the chat, and they fixed my issue.

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