WYZE Cam V3 Android App Improvement

The issue: The version 2.24.23 WYZE Cam v3 Android application displays a QR code to automatically program a WYZE Cam v3. However, if the user resets the camera the Android application has no QR code recall setting.

The request: Add the option to display the programming QR code to the Advance Settings of the WYZE Cam v3 Android application.

[Mod Edit]: Your post was moved to the Cameras category as it appears that your request is already satified by the existing functionality.

You can reset/readd your v3 cam at any time: Wyze app Home > press “+” in the upper left corner > Add Device > Cameras > Wyze Cam v3 > Next > Press Setup/reset button on cam > Next > Select your network > Scan the QR code on your screen with your cam…

Are you unable to display the QR code for a previously setup v3 cam or are you wishing to maintain the cams settings when you reset/readd the cam? If you reset the cam without deleting the existing cam/installation and name the cam the same, no settings will be lost when you reset. When you reset/readd the cam, the previous settings are pulled from the cloud and reapplied without loss.

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I can confirm that re-doing the setup on an existing camera (don’t delete the camera first) does NOT delete any of the settings. I have been moving a bunch of my cameras to a different WiFi and that requires re-doing the setup. No settings lost.

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K6CCC, Thank you for you comment.

The paper instructions provides a reset camera procedure, press and hold the power button for 12 seconds. Once the camera is reset, the QR Code is required to reprogram the camera settings.

I reset the camera. The camera would not continue setup without a QR code. A QR code was not available for display in my app. I deleted the app, installed the app and the newly installed app displayed a QR Code.

The steps you describe above are not intuitive to me. I would not think to “add” a camera when I’ve already done that; especially since this is my first camera so I have a one camera system. I’m pretty literal and I understand “add” a camera implies add another camera.

I’m under the impression a QR Code is device specific. That may or may not be true. For that reason it would make sense for a camera QR Code to be available in the app advance settings.

As a workaround, I think you can screencap the QR code and save it on your phone for future use. I think the reason why your recommendation is not implemented is because the QR snap (which will mostly saved or cachedon the phone memory) may contain sensitive data that is vulnerable to snooping by a capable hacker.

It is but it also contains info that could change, for instance it contains your wifi info so the camera can connect. If you were to change your wifi password and try to rescan the QR code it would give the cam incorrect wifi info. The QR code is generated during setup so it cannot really be saved for future use.

I understand when camera or system information changes the QR code will change. But if the only change is the camera is reset the original QR Code should be available for use in Advance Settings.

Just go through the setup procedure and it will give you the QR code. BTW, just because it’s easier, I go through all the steps on the phone (ignore the camera) until the QR code shows up. The press the setup button on the camera to get it to say “Ready to connect”. Then point the camera at the phone. Easier than press buttons on the phone, then the camera, then the phone, then the camera.