Wyze Cam V2s not keeping setup information after latest update

My V2s keep losing setup.information daily. The v2s shows offline then when i check they have blinking blue and yellow light then i have to go back over seting up the cameras again. After a day or two they lose it again and i have to repeat the setup steps over again. I am running the latest firmware. Any one else experiencing this issue after the latest firmware update and any suggestions on how i can resolve?

Can you tell us more about your network equipment and Wi-Fi setup? How many other wireless devices do you have on your network? Where is your camera mounted versus where is your Wi-Fi source? What is between your camera and your Wi-Fi source? Walls construction? Rooms and contents? Here is what the V2 status light indicates:


Can you move your camera closer to your Wi-Fi source for troubleshooting and see if it maintains connection? Sounds like a connection issue at first rather than the camera forgetting the settings, But just going through the paces too check off some things first. What is the actual firmware version on the camera? What actual app version are you using? Will start here and get more focused when you can answer some of these questions for us. Thanks in advance!

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The camera versions are 4 9.9.1472. They are on the same floor with the router with norhing blocking the line of sight. I have 2 V3s and a pancam on a different floor and they work perfectly. Its only the V2s this is happening to since the upgrade. All connected to this router are the cameras. Never had that problem before.

The strange thing is all i have to do is open the app select add a device and ithe cameras read the code and its setup again. After a day or two i have to do the same thing again. To me i dont think its a network issue because why do i have to set it up again for it to work. The app version is 2.371 (134) on android.

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Three Wyze Cam Pans with similar behavior, i.e. every so often over the last couple of months I have to re-add them like a new camera after they go offline. Blinking yellow light. One is 10’ LOS of my main router, one is 15-20’ LOS, and the third is less than 5’ LOS from a mesh node one hop from main router. Firmware version is I power cycled my routers this morning when all three went offline. Who goes down is random, i.e. I’ve had 1, 2 or 3 cameras fail at the same time. 26 devices besides the 3 cameras on the network. The only other issue I’ve noticed is that when I’m using my Google Home with related devices to turn off some downstairs lights at night, I always get an error that “Wyze Home” is not accessible. I have one wyze color bulb I connected, but its never turned on most of the time, so I always thought that was what it was complaining about. I just noticed there’s also a new version available (, so I’ll apply that after I reconnect them again.