Wyze cam v2 works only in one outlet of garage


I was wondering if you guys can help me. I have a wyze cam v2 and it seems to only work in one outlet of garage. When I try another, it doesn’t seem to turn on; however, I’ve tried other appliances and the outlet seems to be working. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the forums! By “working” do you mean just powering on, or making it all the way to working via the app? The location of these outlets may be in different areas where wifi signal is not the best compaired to others areas depending on what’s in the garage and the house construction. Are you using the supplied wall brick and usb cable? Looking forward to more info! Thanks in advance.


Wiggle your cable and power brick (Wyze or other brand) at those outletnto see if it makes contact. Either cable is flaky. Try a different power brick.

New house ? Could be cheap outlet from contractor.