Wyze Cam V2 Webcam Firmware IR

Is there a way to turn on the IR night vision in the V2 WEBCAM FIRMWARE so I can use it in a dark room to keep an eye on my 3d printer? I am using octoprint and spaghetti detective and it works great. However, the IR function would be amazing

I don’t understand the question. The IR lights can be turned on via a setting in the app, and if your room is dark they should be coming on automatically…

You can also enable night vision and leave the IR lights off.

This is for the Webcam firmware. Not the regular firmware

Ah, sorry.

Negative, webcam firmware is just video/audio signal, no other features. Is the RTSP firmware an option for you instead? You still have control over the IR on that firmware.

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Yep, looks as if that will do it.

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Ill give it a try!