Wyze Cam v2 unresponsive after firmware upgrade

Sadly you are so correct.

It’s a real crapshoot to update firmware on some of the older cams, and apparently you will lose a certain percentage of them doing firmware upgrades, so I am grimly hanging on to a bunch of v2s on ( 64 GB cards ) and v3s on ( 128 GB cards )

I don’t know what these cams don’t do that they could do, but I do know they show pictures when I want them to.

I’m braver with the OGs and OG Zooms, but I don’t have to climb as high to replace them…

If it ain’t borken…

You need to freeze the firmware


the Wyze App. especially ios asbyou cannot sideload older versi9n.

I have had zero success across multiple v2 Cams updating firmware OTA (thru app) when starting with 4.9.5.xx directly to current 4.9.9.x. And it’s a crapshoot which of those are recoverable with manual firmware update and which just get bricked. In my opinion, they shouldn’t even allow it and should do incremental firmware upgrades like they do with the v3 cam.

I have had 100% success manually updating v2 firmware from 4.9.5.xx first to 4.9.8.xx and then to the current I did not try manually updating from 4.9.5.xx directly to

So if you have a v2 cam with old firmware, don’t do OTA update and do it manually, first going to a 4.9.8.xx firmware like

The reason I upgraded firmware is that viewing SD playback no longer worked with the v4.9.5.36 firmware I was on. And the detection area “grids” of the newer firmware was more useful than drawing out a box for the detection area with the older firmware.


Throwing my 2 cents here, mine died after attempting OTA firmware update from to I have another v2 running on, like others have said its the big jump in FW versions that killed it. Tried manual update but no go.
Sucks that it was working fine before FW update but I needed support for larger sd cards. Wyze perhaps look at how you roll out patches to devices with older firmware, I suggest incremental upgrades instead one big one.

I reported in November, that an update broke my devices. Upon being reset, they would work fine, until rebooted, at which point, I would have a flashing light and they would not go online. I was about to recycle them yesterday and connected them up, applied the latest firmware and they are working again!

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