WYZE Cam V2 turning off randomly

After adding the new Pan camera, I runs into the random “turn OFF” issues. It happens to the existing camera. However, it’s weird that only happens to cameras in my main house. The camera in my guest house still running fine. Is that because of the network or something?
I try to reset all of them already but nothing change. Still have this annoying random OFF make me lose my recording.

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It is hard to say what the issue is, if they cams are easily accessible I would swap them, if the one that worked has a problem in the new location then you will need to start looking at then network. If the cam with issues still has issues in the spot that worked fine, then the cam is the issue. So doing that would narrow down the problem to cam or location.

I have a v2 as well which have been running for 3months now, at the beginning stage I had this issue where the cam goes off after staying on for 12h, initially I thought the v2 wasn’t meant to operate for a long period of time, so I had to unplugg and plug it in again before it turns on again, as time goes on I had both the app and firmware updated. Yet the v2 doesn’t operate not more than 12h and it will go off automatically. Is this normal or a problem

I am experiencing the same issue with all of my 4 cams since I purchased them. It would randomly power off. After the latest firmware upgrade to, the problem occurs more frequently. I check everyday and notice the cams are powered off. I do share access to two others; however, it is unlikely they power off the cams daily. This appears to be a real issue going on for a long time, but never resolved.

I think the common issue here is that our cameras were shared with others.
The user interface amazes it too easy to click the on/off button for each camera. I showed the people I share my cams with how to open the cameras without clicking the power button. They said “OOOoooooohhhhhhhh OK”. :grin:
Since then it doesn’t happen anymore.
They had been clicking the power button to look at the cameras. Admittedly, I did this in the past a few times as well.

Thank you for the suggestion. I unshared my cameras just now. I will post the outcome to see if it resolves the issue.

After I unshared my cameras, the problem is resolved. It has been a couple weeks and the cameras are still on. I found out later that the person I shared the cameras with was turning off the cameras. She thought that she was disabling notifications only to herself when she hit the on/off buttons, and didn’t know that she was actually disabling all cameras.

That was the same thing that happened to me. Glad you got it resolved.

Maybe we should submit feature request to disable shared users’ ability to turn off the camera.

This is happening to me- but I have no shared users, I’m not accidentally pressing the off button. When I open the app, all cameras indicate “off”. I click them each “on”. I refresh by pulling down and they all turn off again. I turn one camera on- I open that camera view and it says off. I turn it on from within that camera view, then go back to the wyze app Home Screen and it’s off again. All have updated firmware and are new within the last month. What gives? Please help this is extremely frustrating. @WyzeGwendolyn

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@StephT Welcome to the Wyze community!

Your issue is most likely caused by the server outage. I recommend waiting until things are back up and running properly. If it doesn’t improve, you can post back. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@StopICU33 Thank you so much! I wasn’t aware of the outage, but that definitely makes sense. I really appreciate the response :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, Are the servers up again? Is this still an issue? I am having the same issue as StephT. Everything is working fine and then the cameras randomly turn off for no reason. Is this something to do with communication between the APP and the camera? Very frustrating to have to keep cycling the power to the cameras. Because they are random, I am not receiving alerts when I should. I am getting ready to return these if this is not fixed.

sorry, I don’t buy that as root cause. I have the same behavior, it shuts off for no reason–I even have a “turn on” rule that runs at 8am and 8pm. it is the only pan cam (out of 4) that does this.

I have two V2 cameras I bought several months ago one of them was randomly shutting off about twice a day. I dealt with WYZE for several weeks sending them screenshots downloading data and forwarding it to them. Eventually they replaced the camera with a refurbished camera. The refurbished camera is in the same location and it works perfect. I took the one with the problem and moved it rather than throw it out, Its in an area that I don’t care about and it’s still randomly shuts off so it is definitely a problem with the camera.

Hi, one more thing I’ve noticed with my cameras, in case it helps.
If your camera becomes unstable or turns off, try using a different power brick and power cord with that same camera. These power cords are the same type that are used to charge mobile phones and they don’t last forever. Sometimes a new power cable will make a difference, and they’re only a few bucks online.

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My camera started do this, it would say that my camera has been turned off. I restarted the camera on the app & now it seems to be doing fine.

The one camera with the issue turns off usually twice a day at random times I can power it on through the app. It’s been moved to a new location which is not the issue. And I change the cord and the adapter Has to be a problem with the camera.

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