Wyze Cam v2 multiple with Motioneyeos - Unable to open video device

I have been struggling to get Wyze Cam V2’s working with Motioneyeos… when it works its great but i am now at a point of giving up using it.

The wyze cam firmware has been upgraded to support RTSP from wyze

I have constant issues with wyze cam’s going offline with a message “Unable to open video device”
This has been happening across all 3 cameras. The connectivity to the camera’s is via wifi, i have checked signal quality which was above 80% on all cameras.

I have the same problem while using a raspberry pi 3 and 4.

I have also reflashed motioneyeos a number of times, reset the raspberry pi’s, restarted my router, reset the wyze cam’s,

Any ideas before i remove motioneyeos from my pc