Wyze Cam V2 in the UK

Hi Wyzers.

I’m new to the community and based here in the UK, I recently bought 3x V2 camera’s and got them into the UK via a Canadian friend, I’m hoping to set them up this weekend.

I just have a few questions. Firstly as they ship with US/CA plugs I’m assuming that the equivalent UK 3 pin USB plugs I have bought will work ok with them as a power source?

Also, as I’m outside of the US/CA would that mean there is no valid warranty on the cameras?

Lastly, are there any geographic restrictions on the cameras? For example if I develop an IFTTT applet (pending native Google Home support) that uses geofencing to turn on motion tracking and alerts when I leave the house would that work as I’m UK based and not US/CA?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Mr. Hasselhoff,

The cameras should work with any standard USB power supply that supplies at least 1000mA.

Since Wyze does not sell outside North America, I doubt they’d honor the warranty, especially if you are using a non-standard power supply. Even if they did, they would not ship a replacement to you in the UK.

I really see no reason why IFTTT applets wouldn’t work from there, but best way to tell is to try it. Worst case would be to run it through a VPN with a US based server.

Thanks for the response RickO.

I assumed that there would be no valid warranty, however there is always the chance that i could get any warranty replacements the same way i got these three cameras; via a friend coming and going from the US/CA. I had them shipped to her address so any replacements could go there to be imported on the next journey to the UK, do you think that would qualify should i need it (forgetting the use of non-standard UK plugs, a software issue for example)?

The plugs i have bought should deliver enough power, i just wasn’t sure about the voltage that US/CA plugs use and if that would require a plug with a voltage converter in it or anything unusual?

I hadn’t considered using a VPN, so that’s a pretty good and easy solution if i do come up against any issues. Thanks :slight_smile:


As long as the output meets the standard USB 5VDC spec, any converter should be fine. Or, since the Wyze adapter is rated for 240V/50Hz input, you could use a plug adapter such as this:



@UK Guy,

From personal experience, I can report that Wyze won’t honour warranty in Canada. One of my V2 cams had some debris in the lens. They were happy to replace it, but I had to get them to ship it to a US address, and then get friends to make arrangements to get it across the border.

You might run into an issue with WiFi connectivity. In the UK, there are 13 channels approved for use by WiFi devices. In the US, only channels 1-11 are approved. If the WiFi radio in the Wyze camera was properly designed and qualified for the US market, it would not be permitted to function on channels 12 or 13. So if the WiFi access point/router to which you’re connecting the cameras is operating on channels 12/13, the cam might not connect reliably, if at all. APs are usually configured to auto-select their WiFi channel, but they usually have a manual option to allow the user to specify the channel. As long as your AP is operating on channels 1-11, your cams should work just fine. (until next March 29, of course. Then you might have to Brexit them from the country. And the Wyze internet bits might not be permitted into the UK unless they stop at Customs for inspection…)

These are the UK plugs I got so they should be fine, thanks RickO

Thanks for the heads up about the Wifi Kyphos, I’ll bare that in mind when I set them up. I think I can limit the channels that my router broadcasts on so should be able to restrict it to 1-11, then auto mode wouldn’t be a problem. Failing that like you say I’ll just pick one manually.

Hopefully that won’t be an issue though.

Thanks again

Were you able to get your Wyze Cam working in the UK?

I live in the UK and use a wyze cam v2 which I purchased via Amazon.com. The cam works fine with the android app but there are no alexa skills available here so echo show won’t connect to the cam.

Welcome to the community, @dkbrice1. This #wishlist topic may interest you. You can vote for it at the top-left. :slight_smile:

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