Wyze Cam v2 and Pan Firmware 4.X.7.798 Releasing - 7/21/21

Hi G!!! Your Hawaiian Connection here AKA toesreef, if you could let me know the best way to email you I referred a customer and the customer just gave me a report that i would like to change the results for.
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BTW… im loving all the products to date, really looking forward to the big vacuum and leak sensors,i live on a boat and that will be a great addition

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I can’t see it from below; it’s 10’ up and will require a ladder. If I have to climb a ladder, the camera is going to get replaced.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you PM me your device’s MAC? You can get the MAC via selecting the device on the App home screen → setting → device info. Thank you very much.

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Sending a PM.

I did a firmware update the other day and now my camera is off-line. I did not want to change it to a WebCam if that’s what I accidentally did. my app is up to date. I power cycled the camera. What do I do now?

Hi Bindi, sorry for the inconvenience. May I ask what did the error code look like when the camera went offline and what was the LED status?

I have one camera that wouldn’t download this firmware. I’ve tried to get it to download for a week now. My other six cameras downloaded fine, but my 7th won’t. I contacted Support and got the usual “Help Center” response, which was relatively useless. I’ve had support issues in the past…like when Wyze first started up back in the day. I’ve found that Support has zero tolerance for us “old people,” but that’s okay, they will be old too someday…if they make it!!! Anyhow, is anyone else having an issue trying to follow the rules, which don’t help me at all, and get the firmware in a belligerent camera???

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“ Device is off-line error code 90 check your Internet connection or power cycle the camera.” LED on front of cam is amber-ish. I’m now having trouble posting this reply. App is confusing.

“ Device is off-line error code 90 check your Internet connection or power cycle the camera.” LED on front of cam is amber-ish.

Hey Bindi, sorry for the inconvenience. Could you check if your App version is the latest (2.22)? If your App version is the latest, could you get a SD card log before powering cycle your device and PM me that file? Thank you so much.

To get the SD card log, you can pop out the SD card and re-insert it into the camera. After two chime sound you can take out the SD card. On a PC/Mac with a SD card adapter, please put your card inside and send me the log_XXXX.txt file under SD card root directory.

This is more hassle than it’s worth.

The app version in my iPhone XR is v2.22.21. I don’t know what the hell you are talking about when it comes to powering down some cycle!!! My patience has grown severely thin with this camera!!!

Don’t I need a USB SD card thingy to read an SD card on a desktop PC, which I don’t have and am not running to the store to get??? I’M ON A DESKTOP PC!!! I DON’T HAVE A USB SD ADAPTER, just the regular SD card adapter!!! Is there anything else that you DON’T UNDERSTAND??? THERE IS NO PLACE ON MY DESKTOP TO “PUT AN SD CARD ADAPTER IN TO!!!” I DON’T HAVE A USB SD CARD READER!!!

Donald and Dog (Who is also losing his patience!!!):rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

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Oh, and my name isn’t Bindi!!!

Just for the record!!!
D and Dog

I’m Bindi… and I’m losing my patience also. Send an SD card log?!

I’m not sure how to find a “root directory.” If I am able to find that, where do I send it?

App version is 2.22.21 I already turned the camera on and off a few times and unplugged it from power. I don’t see how to send you a PM.

I don’t know how to do that.

Would like to send you PM but I am not that trusted yet.

PM sent to you. Please check. Thanks!

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With Android App 2.22.21 now installed and running on an Android 5.0.1 phone, will I be able to upgrade the FW on the V2 camera to and the Pan to without loss of function? Or would upgrading FW to 4.x.7.798 be incompatible with App 2.22.21 on an Android 5.0.1 device?

Isn’t Android 7 the minimum version supported?