Wyze Cam v1 not connecting on LAN with no internet

Hey guys, we just got back home from evacuating for hurricane michael about 50 miles west of panama city beach. fortunately we do have power but no internet and for some reason the Wyze app just sticks on “connecting camera by secure channel (1/3)”. sometimes it will say “try to connect X times”, sometimes it doesn’t. I wouldn’t worry about it right now other than we use it for a baby monitor for our 6 month old lil girl and don’t like not being able to see her in her room and she’s a very light sleeper so she doesn’t sleep well in rooms with other people. Also, just a lil background for the most obvious things, I work in the IT field so every bit of typical, basic troubleshooting I have done to the point of unfortunately having to ask for assistance. I have verified the device is connected to the same LAN by MAC address of one of the cameras and am also able to ping the device no issue from laptop and the phone that’s attempting to connect to the camera, both. Thank you in advance for any help!

Hmmm, I assume you power cycled the camera?

Do you have tethering on your phone? Could you reset the camera to connect to the tethered internet connection as a test?