Wyze Cam User Interface

I have three Wyze Cams. One is new with color night vision I like. But after I set it up, I found the UI changed with new layout - Each of cams is located on the left screen with tiny image, leaving more space from the middle of screen to the right side to show cam’s name and a On/Off button. The change makes the app UI lack of eye-catching for each of cams. I think the change came from a version updated. I prefer the old look anyway.

Click on that thumbnail to access camera, turning to landscape mode the image of live feed will fill screen.

Thank you for your reply to my post. I prefer the original UI look, thumbnails for each of camera displayed with previous view from top of screen in a landscape mode (across phone screen).
The old version of UI gives users an eye-catching feel. I don’t understand any reasons for the change.

James Anfang.