WYZE Cam Shadows

We live on a heavily wooded lot and after a typical violent spring storm, there tends to be a following cold front with bright sun and gusty winds that create constant high contrast moving shadows which in turn causes our WYZE Cams to send an event alert. Well, it’s certainly motion, but it’s also a minor annoyance. And there’s always the concern that something significant could slip by undetected during the five-minute reset period. When home (which now is pretty much 24/7 during this COVID-19 situation), I merely turn off the offending cameras during the offending period. I’ve tried self-help by setting changes and have called WYZE’s help desk, but apparently there is no customer fix. Please understand this is certainly no showstopper for your fine product, just something you may wish to consider prior to future firmware updates.

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That said, the basic Wyze Cam motion works by comparing pixels of each frame to the next. So as you’ve observed, it will pick up changing lighting conditions, etc. Other than reducing the motion sensitivity and setting a detection zone (see Wyze Support for tutorials), there’s not much you can do about it.

Person Detection is currently being rolled out in advanced beta testing. This will allow you to get only notifications for detected people while silencing other motion notifications. If you wish to join the waitlist for the PD beta, you can do so here:


Another option is to subscribe to Complete Motion Capture (CMC). This costs $1.50 a month per camera and eliminates the 5 minute cooldown period. More on this is Wyze Support.

Finally, you can install an SD card in the camera and capture video 24/7 or motion-only (without cooldown) for free (other than the one time cost of the card).