Wyze Cam Plus Shares?

If I pay for the yearly and I just added a user do they not fall in under my Cam Plus or they too have to pay for it??


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I have never shared my devices, but, the license is associated to the device. I would infer that the share would pass along the licensed attributes?

Have you set this up? What are you experiencing?

Thank you. Yes, that would be my assumption too but when I am on their device the Camera Plus is not selected and I click to activate and it takes me to the sign up screen for cam plus … :thinking: is

Now I wanna test… I’ll get back to you in what I see. Are you the sharer or the share-ee?

Well… it would appear as if my inference was wrong. The licenses is associated to the Account and not the device.

Looks like the person you shared the device with would need to purchase a CAM plus license as you identified.

From a utility/architectural perspective that makes since in terms of how the license is structured in the app, as in you purchase with your primary account, you are sharing with a different account, and can move from one device to another but…logically, I am still of the mind set that if a Cam plus License is applied to a device those attributes should pass along to the person you are sharing with.

There is a wish list item for this functionality. While this relates to the Person Detection there was also a CAM plus Wishlist item that got linked to the original. Check it out ang give it a VOTE. on the top left of the page

It should really be associated with the camera that has C subscription on it and nothing else. That’s how Wyze markets it. An example of this would be using a camera to monitor a mother or father that has dementia or Alzheimer’s and needs full-time monitoring. With the subscription, various family members can take turns monitoring the camera 24/7 so they do not have to hire costly in the house help

Family buy the cam and share the Cam Plus account?

why not? we buy and share the camera itself! The Cam+ is assigned to a specific Camera, so sharing should be possible

I do agree… If you have purchased a Cam Plus License and Share the Device it should share the features of the Cam Plus license.

I don’t know how it was marketed but from what I can tell (and this was my first exposure to the device sharing as I personally have not had a use case for it);

Its a parent child relationship.

The license is assigned to the account (The parent)
You apply the license to the device (the child)
You share the device (the child). Where the licenses is applied not assigned to the child.

In your use case. You could create a shared “primary” account and share that account with your family members vs the device.

And support the wish list item, after looking there appears to be a couple of similar requests.

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My roommate and i share all things we are like brothers He may buy a camera then i may buy one we do this with many things not just wyze We live in same apt watch same cameras yet i can not get full access to our cameras and neither can he so some have plus on my phone and some have plus on his phone and how will that effect the monitoring
Why is this that way you afraid you’ ll lose money some how Well You will be losing us We are going to go elsewhere and i think we all should stop paying for CAM PLUS until it is rightfully ours to do and control as we wish
Plus we lost a couple licenses for cam plus and the “support” never fixed it or refunded the money
And while on the subject This company has to have the worst customer service and support
i have ever seen I wish i knew all this before i spent so much money in supporting a new small company years ago and now they have turned their back on us
OMG you think they are Apple in disguise

I noticed during my initial trial period, that some of the Plus features and the device control (settings), were not available to shared users. I had assumed this was because of trial limitations. I’ve come to learn this is not the case, and is the designed behaviour. This doesn’t really make sense in a family environment.

I’m hoping this Wishlist item doesn’t end up getting endlessly pushed back. Please be sure to vote for this change (hit the “Vote” button near the top left):

Multiple Users’ Permissions for Shared Users - Wishlist - Wyze Community (wyzecam.com)

well as typical of wyze i cant find the vote button thats one way to stop bad comments

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