WYZE CAM PLUS camera assignment page/ check list not showing up in App. How to re-download?

Hahahaha!:joy::joy::joy:No if I had seen that our conversation would have been much different! (I would have known that you were straight from the WYZE forum Support and nor from WYZE. I got it now.) These hidden Policies are “the catch” to dealing with WYZE. You pay up lower prices for the equipment and you must put up with short refund periods, when the equipment that has any probability to break, it happens well after any refund period so they make good in the equipment by sending out a new one, they keep all the profits from the subscription money, especially from people from the Google/Apple scenario, and then if someone really likes the services/monitoring/licenses then they must pay, and if the customer doesn’t read deep into the policies the corporation is just putting the “Buyer Beware” to their advantage! I resent all my info to the WYZE SUPPORT team and will let you know how that works out. I’m in it for over $800.00 bucks and the system is great when there are no problems and you have all the features! I will just keep using the outside V2 cams (The company discontinued them already….we know why! Without a better battery system they suck!) and I will use my cams until the warranty won’t allow me to get new ones and I will just buy a better system down the road after these don’t owe me any money!

Glad YOU got a great laugh at all this! I appreciate you for your help! Hey I really like their Pan’s and V3’s so I may just hard wire the outdoor cams I really like and stay with the company, or I may say [Mod Edit] it because I don’t like the way they do business! (If anyone not as persistent as myself disconnected their base from the system and can’t reconnect……which after it happens is when you see the instructions not to do it….those instructions should be the first thing they tell you! But they do recommend you read all instructions before you begin! ….wish I could remember what I did but I was able to get the base to reconnect and it works well now. If I do I will put up a post to help others out!)

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