WYZE CAM PLUS camera assignment page/ check list not showing up in App. How to re-download?

Purchased WYZE cam Plus in May. Used it. Even re-assigned the Licenses to other cameras when new. Then about two months ago a crash happened. Had to reconnect many different Cameras and the base. At the time I added a base#2 and 3 cameras. When I went to assign the licenses and set up the new subscriptions for the new cameras the Services Tab Page no longer shows the licenses and the cameras in a list so they can be assigned. I used Apple I Phone to purchase the licenses. All my sales are under my email address which is the same one associated with my WYZE account. Due to Covid 19 I could not get any WYZE employees on the phone to help. I gave up. Now I am able to get them on the phone and they do not know what to do to fix it. I am pushing them to give me a new download to get the 6 licenses on the app so I can use them. I would like the two months back. And use them until they expire. Don’t know if I will re-order in May. Also the WYZE cam V2 outside cams keep crashing the batteries. I learned how to get them to replace them and will keep using them and getting new ones out of warranty until I get my monies worth. No wonder the company is getting rid of the V2 for the new hard wired exterior/interior grade V3’s. Otherwise I like the cameras and the format. But if I keep having these problems I will have to go with a new company if they don’t solve my issues. A WYZE piece of advice to all users! Do NOT EVER disconnect the base from the APP! During the process of trying to solve my crash I did this. The base will no longer connect. It was two months ago and I was able after multiple tries to get both bases to work. but the licenses do not show and I can not use the features! Not Happy! Does anyone know if there is a way for me to manually re-download my subscriptions? That would make so much sense and make life so much easier! So far the WYZE Employees and Techs keep blaming the problem on my updating the app. I have all the new updates and nothing solves this problem. There is a reference to “managing my licenses on Apple App Store” but that only leads to the receipt! Please I need help from someone who knows what they are doing!

In the app go to account, then select services, then assign free licenses to cameras.

Precisely the screen I do not have. I only have one free license showing to assign. My issue is I just went on the Help page and filed a claim with support. The auto bot said have Apple cancel the subscription amd you can help from there. My email address is [Mod Edit] and is associated with my account under user name bassntuna, name Charles Woodward. So I have as asked cancelled subscription. Can you now add the free licenses so I have at least the 6 Inpaid for ? Here is a photo of my page on the app like the one you sent me.

Thank you for helping!

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If you bought the CamPlus through Apple store good luck getting a refund, you need to deal with Apple.

If you bought the CamPlus licenses through Wyze directly go to: Wyze Home Monitoring Service and cancel for immediate refund.

if you have more than 8 cameras this may be a better deal, CamPlus unlimited

I do NOT work for Wyze and you should delete your personal information from your post for security reasons

First of all I bought the licenses via your WYZE app on Apple PlayStore. It’s your download that is not working amd your software that failed. I don’t want a refund I want your company to live up to its supposed good reputation and fix the problem! I went on your support web page and it instructed me to cancel the subscription with Apple and that WYZE could then work with me. Don’t the actual licenses and unlocks come from your company after they are paid for? So give me 6 licenses and set them to expire on July 1 2022 and I will continue the subscription. I will continue to use your services. You won’t lose a customer! It should not matter where I bought your product! WYZE and Cam Plus should stand up to their products and deliver what services I paid for! Not ask me to subscribe and pay for more licenses! Fix it!


I am a customer just like you, this is a forum for users like you & I

Contact Wyze

Oh then I am sorry for the misunderstanding. I work at night. Hoping I was not disturbing you. I actually though I was talking to an overseas WYZE customer service rep. Thank you so much for your help and patience! Also that explains why you would say that “good luck about the refund”. Thank God I did not go off about that….it’s kind of funny from my end I was thinking : How dare this rep say something like this to a customer :joy::joy::joy:……again sorry for misunderstanding !

I wasn’t going to reply to you after that I was like F@#& this clown, I tried…LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

At the bottom of my second post I tried telling you I didn’t work for Wyze (in Bold Font) guess you missed that then…

I do know Wyze’s Policy has a statement about purchasing CamPlus outside of their services.wyze.com website.

This is quoted from Wyze’s policies found here: Wyze Services


You may cancel your subscription to the Cam Plus Services, at any time and for any reason by following the instructions below.

Please remember that you must cancel twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the start of a new Subscription Period to avoid being charged for that Subscription Period. For example, if your subscription begins on January 1, you must cancel at least twenty-four (24) hours before February 1, to avoid being charged for a new Subscription Period.

If you signed-up for a Cam Plus subscription on the Wyze site, you must use the Wyze site to cancel the Cam Plus subscription. When you cancel a subscription in this manner, yYour cancellation will become immediately effective, and your access to the Cam Plus Services for the Wyze Cam Product whose subscription you canceled will end immediately. Except as stated below, tThe first time you cancel a subscription for a Wyze Cam Product in this manner, your payment method will be refunded for any remaining portion of the Subscription Period you canceled during. For example, if you cancel halfway through a monthly Subscription Period, you will be refunded 50% of the Fees paid for that month. If you later enroll the same Wyze Cam Product in a new subscription which you then cancel, refunds will be at the discretion of Wyze. No refunds will be given, however, if you have paid a discounted Fee for the Subscription Period in which you cancel as a result of your use of a promo code, coupon code, or other discount to sign up for the subscription.

If you signed up for a Cam Plus subscription from the iPhone version of the Wyze App, you must cancel the Cam Plus subscription through your iTunes Account; and if you signed up for a Cam Plus subscription from the Android version of the Wyze App, you must cancel the Cam Plus subscription through your Google Account. When you cancel a subscription you signed up for through the Wyze App, your cancellation will become effective at the end of the current Subscription Period and your access to the Cam Plus Services for the Wyze Cam Product whose subscription you canceled will end then. You will not receive a refund as a result of canceling a Cam Plus subscription you signed up for through the Wyze App.

Regardless of how you cancel your subscription, your User Recordings will remain available until the end of the storage period referenced in Section 4.

When you purchase from their website you can cancel for a immediate refund then you could re-subscribe I figured to resolve issue, but via iPhone they do not give refunds unfortunately…

Hahahaha!:joy::joy::joy:No if I had seen that our conversation would have been much different! (I would have known that you were straight from the WYZE forum Support and nor from WYZE. I got it now.) These hidden Policies are “the catch” to dealing with WYZE. You pay up lower prices for the equipment and you must put up with short refund periods, when the equipment that has any probability to break, it happens well after any refund period so they make good in the equipment by sending out a new one, they keep all the profits from the subscription money, especially from people from the Google/Apple scenario, and then if someone really likes the services/monitoring/licenses then they must pay, and if the customer doesn’t read deep into the policies the corporation is just putting the “Buyer Beware” to their advantage! I resent all my info to the WYZE SUPPORT team and will let you know how that works out. I’m in it for over $800.00 bucks and the system is great when there are no problems and you have all the features! I will just keep using the outside V2 cams (The company discontinued them already….we know why! Without a better battery system they suck!) and I will use my cams until the warranty won’t allow me to get new ones and I will just buy a better system down the road after these don’t owe me any money!

Glad YOU got a great laugh at all this! I appreciate you for your help! Hey I really like their Pan’s and V3’s so I may just hard wire the outdoor cams I really like and stay with the company, or I may say [Mod Edit] it because I don’t like the way they do business! (If anyone not as persistent as myself disconnected their base from the system and can’t reconnect……which after it happens is when you see the instructions not to do it….those instructions should be the first thing they tell you! But they do recommend you read all instructions before you begin! ….wish I could remember what I did but I was able to get the base to reconnect and it works well now. If I do I will put up a post to help others out!)

Take Care
Thanks again,


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