Wyze Cam Pan Webcam - OctoPi

hey everyone! I have multiple Wyze cams, and when I found out the Wyze cam could be used as webcam with some special firmware, I got a new one this week!

I’m trying to use the cam with my OctoPi setup, but I haven’t been able to successfully flash the webcam firmware.

I do the following steps:

  • download the firmware for the pan cam
  • unzip the file
  • move the demo.bin to my microsd card
  • unplug my Wyze cam
  • hold down the setup button
  • plug it in
  • continue holding down the setup button for ~5 seconds until I see the light blue light

At this point my Wyze cam restarts (flashing orange and blue) and spins around. The blue light starts flashing quickly and then becomes a solid dark blue and I’m not able to see the cam on either my Mac or OctoPi (connected via USB A to USB A cable). The Wyze cam is still available to view via the app.

According to the article, the light should have remained flashing blue and orange for the setup to complete properly. Does anyone know if the microsd card has to be formatted to a special format or anything like that? I’ve tried this process multiple times and I can’t seem to get it to work. Thanks!