Wyze Cam Pan V3 Unable To Connect

Ok, this is driving me nuts. I’m in tech so I understand networking and have dozens of pro cameras (PoE) that I use but am trying to set up a new camera system for the in-laws. I picked up these hoping for a simple solution for them but getting them to work is infuriating.

I have tried to connect to five different access points, one was 2.4/5ghz auto detecting mesh and the others were 2.4ghz and I can’t get the camera to connect to any of them. My phone is connected to them without any issues but the camera goes through the motions and eventually I get “unable to connect to network”.

I contacted Wyze and they are totally worthless for technical support, telling me to try connecting to a SIXTH network, lol. It shouldn’t be this difficult. The rep on the other end said “I just don’t know, perhaps return it and get another” - valid enough but not a single troubleshooting step was performed. I requested an escalation to someone who wasn’t supporting me on a script (I heard her furiously typing away and talking to herself as she searched the knowledgeable, it was funny).

So, I figure I would try this as one last step before I just determine that Wyze is an impossible path and I should try something else.

Can anyone offer additional things I might try? I’ve reset the camera a half dozen times, tried five different access points on different networks, even reconfigured one to use the simplest password imaginable in case it doesn’t like complex wifi passwords and nothing works.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

Maybe try a simple WiFi password if you are not already.

On my WiFi just for Wyze-crap I use 8 numbers only, never had an issue. Also run a fixed channel for WiFi.

I know bad security but for someone to crack they would have to be on my acreage which is not a worry for me I live way out in a National Forest.

Thanks for the suggestion, I had already tried this (noted in my question), I used a dead simple alpha password and that didn’t do the trick.

Make sure your device is connected to the 2.4GHz WiFi, you probably already did that…

Try a different device to setup cameras

That’s all I got :smiley:

There have been many reports within the forum that the new V3 Firmware, after scanning the QR Code, is failing to connect to the network.

One thread indicates that in the step immediately after the QR Scan, do NOT press “Next” until the cam has confirmed that it is connected to the network successfully. Pressing “Next” too early will cause a failure to connect and install.

Perhaps this is also the case for the Pan V3???

Great suggestion, thanks for that! Unfortunately that didn’t do the trick. I tried all the networks again in hopes that might be the trick but no success.

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I did notice the same thing that this thread reported, I am seeing it pick up an IP address on my DHCP system, but going to that IP address does nothing.

I’ve tried to flash manually to V2 or even an earlier version of V3 to no avail, I cannot get it to start the firmware update process, following their instructions on the KB. Fat32 + renaming the file as requested does zero. I think I’m done with Wyze, this is my first jump into this product and after countless camera setups this “simple” camera taking 5 hours of my day, having worthless tech support has soured me.

I gave up and tossed them in the trash. Ordered an expensive TP Link camera and connected it to my network on my first try

The cam will absolutely refuse to take a manual firmware flash from any other model cam. The Flash Firmware downloaded must be specifically for the PanV3 and be in the 4.50 series, specifically,, or as these are the only three versions available for download.

It is also imperative that the cam be Factory Reset without an SD immediately prior to unplugging it for flashing, use a blank 32GB or smaller SD Card, and insure that the file copied or extracted to the SD Root Directory is named recovery_wyzepan3.bin (be sure your computer shows you the file extension… no renaming should be required, it is already named correctly in the .zip download). If any of these are not followed, it will fail to flash firmware. I have also experienced failed flashes because of a wonky SD Card factory format the cams don’t like. Try using a different card.