Wyze Cam Pan V3 keeps dropping internet

So my wyze cam pan v3’s keeping losing internet connection. I reset them and they work fine for like an hour or so then they drop again. I do a hard reset get them back online and they do it again. None of my other cams are doing this only the Cam Pan V3’s. Anyone else having this issue???

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Yay so thanks for pointing out there are lots of issues with this device. I appreciate that. Also check your wording. It’s a little bit on the rude side. I don’t think I came here for a rude comment when I’m already frustrated that piece of equipment doesn’t work as it’s supposed to work.

Thank you

You’re welcome. Wording checked and modified.

The pan V3s are very finicky when it comes to their power. How are you powering the camera?

I have the exact same problem, two Pan V’3 going offline after latest firmware update. Have to reboot to revive, lasts about an hour. The cameras apparently still work as I can have them panning which continues.
My other older V’3s non-pan continue normally.

Same issue: Internet drops several times a day. I have one cam outside and one IN THE ROOM with my router and I have 2 gig Internet. The only fix is to drop power and plug back in. I also tried doing a full factory reset. This problem surfaced after the last firmware updated.
The issue is listed under “known issues” at https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032747431-Wyze-Software-and-Firmware-Bugs-and-Known-Issues but no resolution is shown as coming.

So I don’t even get an hour. I bought a WIFI booster and tried it with and without an SD card. The Camera worked for 6-8 months and now nothing. My signal is strong, it will shut off after resetting within 5 mins. Something in the update has got to be the problem. This camera could be good. I wonder if the issues caused Wyze to lower the price? They need to fix this quick. Right now I could not recommend this camera.