Wyze Cam Pan V2 to stay in position after movement has stopped

Hello all. I feel like I have a very simple request for my Cam Pan but I can not figure it out. Is there a way to have the camera automatically track motion and then stop and stay in that position when the motion stops, then resume automatic tracking once motion is picked back up again? As I have it now it will follow motion and then after 15 seconds it will go back to it’s “home” position. I have not messed with the pan scan or have set any waypoints. I can manually move the camera and it will stay there until it detects motion and will follow that until motion stops then will go back to the pervious position I had it in. Thank you for any help!

I would expand on this to be able to reference waypoints set and have schedules or triggers turn the camera to a certain waypoint. For example, I may want my Pancam looking out a window in the day and turn around and view inside at night; if I could set a rule to move to waypoint 1 an hour before sunrise and then turn to waypoint 2 an hour after sunset, that would accomplish this. I could also see benefit to have it triggered by say a door sensor… turn to waypoint 2 when door sensor is triggered.

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