Wyze Cam Pan not visible

I have added a Wyze Cam pan to my Wyze app. That went perfect, no issues. I see it in my list of devices on the Android App. I am in a free trial for Cam+ which ends shortly. I want to add it to my Cam+ Lite cameras account. However, when i click on that option, only two other cameras show up which i don’t need on Cam+. This new camera doesn’t. It shows as the firmware is up to date on the app. The only difference with this camera is that it is at another location using different wifi. I also have my wyze lock and 4 lights and 2 plugs there that work remotely. Any ideas?

That is more than likely because you are in the trial. When a device is in the Trial, you cannot remove it from that trial until it ends. At that point it can be added to your Cam Plus Lite License.

You can also try to go to the the Cam Plus Trial and click on the camera and then click unassigned, but I don’t recall that being an option.


Thank you so much. I’ll wait for the trial to end.


It worked after the trial. Thank you again.


Why is this the case?

I can’t provide a detailed reasoning for this, but from my experience, it appears while you are in a trial, waiting until the trial is over is the best course to take.

I personally don’t mind leaving mine in a trial until it runs out.

How do you not go into the trial to begin with?
I have more cams to add to my licenses, and I don’t want to have to wait 2 weeks until the trial ends to get them on my account. Is there a way to skip the trial, or not agree, etc.?

When you install the cam, and it asks you what you are using it for, answer the question. The next screen will be a pop-up for the CamPlus trial:


Just CLOSE the app and reopen it. The cam will be listed in your device list and will be ready for use or assignment to another license.

If you ever reinstall the cam, you will need to do this every time.

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