Wyze Cam Pan - How to minimize bandwidth usage

So here’s the deal.

I am going to be on the road with a Cam Pan in my motorhome. I plan on leaving my dog in the motorhome when I go for a hike. 1-2 hrs. I want to be able to look in on him periodically, and also have the cam trigger on motion and sound. He sleeps most of the time and doesn’t move.

I will be connected via a “pay as you go” Verizon MiFi 4g LTE hotspot. I have 25 GB per month to use. How do I minimize the bandwidth I use most efficiently so I don’t run out of service?

What settings should I change. Thanks…

Upload bandwith will be affected by:

  1. Subscription. Cam Plus uploads back to back motion activated videos up to 5m in duration. Sound activated videos are 12s in duration. Cam Plus Lite will upload 12s motion activated videos and will impose a 5m cooldown timeout between videos. There is a seperate 5m cooldown on sound activated videos. No subscription will only upload a small thumbnail image on motion activation with a 5m cooldown in between.

  2. Cam Sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the more it will motion trigger and upload a video.

  3. Detection Zone. Restricting areas of frequent motion will reduce motion activated uploads.

  4. Video quality. HD video is the largest upload, 360p is the least.

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SlabSlayer gave Great suggestions:

  • Maybe don’t use Cam Plus to limit how much is uploaded
  • Turn the sensitivity pretty low
  • set a detection zone to avoid the windows triggering motion from cars passing by
  • Set the recording quality down to 360p for events. Then when you stream it to look in on him, you can switch it up to HD while you’re streaming temporarily.

Make sure you don’t leave it running when you don’t need it. Turn it off when you’re present and it’s not needed so that it isn’t uploading video 24/7.

If your router has bandwidth warnings, make sure to set up reminders when you get to like 15GB or 20GB or whatever so you know when you are getting close.

Don’t forget an SD card, so you can always go back and review anything that wasn’t captured in a cloud event. Then it won’t really matter if you have short limited events or even just thumbnail notifications because you can link over to the SD to view the full recording anyway, so it’s not really necessary to have the full thing uploaded to the cloud at all.

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