Wyze Cam Pan Feature Requests

I’ve had a Wyze Cam Pan (and using the app on an iPhone 8) for about a month now and to put in my feature requests:

  1. Receive a push notification/email when the camera is offline for X hours (good for alerting us to WiFi issues or power outages).

  2. Ability to have the timestamp displayed in 12 hour format (for me anyway, 4:00pm is more intuitive than 16:00).

  3. Ability to toggle the camera on/off via the app.

  4. Related to #3, please create a Home/Away toggle option or something similar in the app. I imagine when most people are home, unless they have continuous recording on, they do not expect to be recorded and don’t need to receive push notifications when they walk past their own camera. I’ve been told to use a location based IFTTT applet (which didn’t work for me anyway) but even if it had, I don’t love the idea of higher battery usage via the nearly constant pinging of my GPS location. Plus in general, having to rely on a 3rd party for this type of basic IP camera functionality seems crazy (what if IFTTT is taken offline or stops supporting Wyze products?).

I’d be happy if they just fixed the motion tracking issue and gave it the ability to turn off the IR LED’s in night vision mode.

Agree, I believe there is a need for having a schedule set for all/ specific camera. That will be really helpful

In addition to the bugs listed above.

  1. I’d like the ability to use the microphone without it turning on the speaker as a requirement.

  2. Secondly i’d like to have ‘other audio’ options. Such as sending music or white noise into the room of interest. I would like this to replace our baby monitor but I like the random noise generators those support.

  3. Third, I want to access the live streams from my PC browser. Don’t want to be stuck using my phone only.

To keep tabs on a loved one living home alone, I would like to be able to get a notification if the motion detector does NOT see motion for a given number of hours.