Wyze Cam Pan 3; option to disable camera actions or rearrange camera actions buttons

I would like there to be an option to disable or at the very least to have the option to rearrange the button’s that control the different camera actions, these buttons show up on the bottom of the screen when viewing the cameras live feed, here’s a list of the different camera features these buttons control: SD card, take photo, record, privacy mode, siren, track motion, pan scan.

For me personally, adding this option is crucial and very important because I use these for security purposes, I’m using android and view the live feeds of my wyze cameras on my phone through the wyze app. Currently, when you go to view the live feed of a camera, these buttons pop up on the very bottom of the screen, they show up right above the phones navigation button’s which are used used to open recent apps, go to home page or go back to previous screen and are used to exit the wyze app. The way the layout is right now, the cameras privacy activation button is right by the home or recent app navigation buttons, also these camera feature buttons always pop up in the same order and same area when viewing the live feed, and I have had many occurrences where I go to view the live feed, these buttons pop up on the bottom of the screen, and when I am finished and want to leave the wyze app by pressing the phones home button or back button, sometimes i accidentally press the privacy mode activation button without realizing it since it’s always positioned right above the recent apps or back navigation buttons, and when I come back to view motion events that were recorded, I am met with a message stating that “camera is in privacy mode” and find out the camera hasn’t been recording anything the whole time since i left the app which can be up to a whole day long. I check my cameras motion recorded events if something happens and when i need to view footage to find out what time something occured or when or if a package was ever delivered and other time’s i view the live feed which i would check more often if I’m expecting a delivery or expecting someone, but otherwise I’m using it as a security camera to record any motion on my property, and to know what’s going on if anything ever happens then i would have video a recording. This is a serious problem when you rely on your cameras for security and surveillance purposes, only to be completely let down and find out that the whole day the camera has been in privacy mode while i thought it was recording, it’s definitely an overlooked app design flaw or screen layout issue, which makes the service unreliable and a high security vulnerability. When you view live feed you can’t change what order the button appears and when holding your phone, a person’s thumbs naturally rest by the bottom of the screen either where a keyboard pops up or by the phone’s navigation buttons, when the wyze camera control buttons appear while viewing live feed, my thumb many times hovering over the pan privacy mode as well, so either i sometimes press it without noticing as I’m trying to press the back navigation button or prees the privacy mode with my thumb or palm while I’m clicking to turn my phone screen off which is the power button on the side of my phone, on the same side where the privacy mode button is, so its very easy to active it and without being able to deactivate different features such as privacy mode or at least have the option to rearrange the buttons, then im left with a service i pay monthly for and also spent money on to buy cameras, which are unreliable in the way I’m using them for security of my property. I added a screen shot of where the buttons are located.