Wyze Cam Outdoor V3 Ideas

Oh. I didn’t realize that. That’s too bad. :cry:

Outdoor cam base

I would love to see upgrades to the outdoor base station to handle more cameras. 4 is not enough. Not only do i use these cameras outdoors i would like to protect my basement. As it stands this would require a second base station i dont have many accessable outlets for the powered cams so i need to use ones with built in batteries.

[Mod Note]: Your request was merged to this existing #wishlist topic that covers ideas for the next generation Cam Outdoor and Base Station. The current Base Station is limited to 4-cam max support due to inherent hardware limitations. Supporting more than 4 cams will require a Base Station redesign resulting in a new product. Please remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.

Base Station V2 (Better range)

Hello all, I cant be the only one with a larger home and multiple wyze outdoor cams (v1 and v2) and having problems with all of them having good signal. Our v1 station is already centered in the home and unfortunately we have issues with cameras on one side of our house where the others are fine.

Im asking for a version 2 of the base station to be made for larger square footage homes or even for people who would like to have the cameras just farther out from the home to begin with. More range would make these already great cameras far more reliable.

Camera hub POE

I’d love to see the camera hub on POE