Wyze Cam Outdoor V3 Ideas

My second story gutters on the back of my house are clogged up. Don’t know what it looks like. Thinking of sticking some 1/2" PVC sections connected with pipe connectors together to push thru from the bottom. But what’s it look like?

So, pulled out a power brick for my iPhone and charged it up. Connected with short cable to Cam V2, and duct taped it to the end of a long 3/4 PVC section of pipe. And turned it on. Naturally I had a 90 degree angle on the top end where the cam was taped. Bingo, I can see crap in there that’s blocking the drain. Now, I can prop the cam against the gutter and work on the drain hole from below. I guess a drone would be better, but don’t have one of them and have two-three spare V2.

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Nice. And I think I’d rather have a $20 V2 leaning against my house on a pole than a $500 drone auto-hovering over my head while I work. :slight_smile:


Your cameras are great and if you put two back to back you almost get 360 field of view, so why not just make a 360degree from the factory. I know I would need at least 4 for my home and business. I’m sure you can do it. Plus having it setup as an outdoor cam with a battery, sheez corner the market on battery powered 360 degree security camera you would.

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I second this request. Seems like Wyze should be able to do what Logitech can. It is a really useful feature.

You just described the Fusion 360.

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Idea here is a Wyze cam outdoor with a much longer/wider body (rectangle shape). In it your can fit a better battery, better camera sensor, flood light, and more importantly use the extra surface area for a solar panel built right on top of it. In theory, you should be able to get 24/7 recording this way, and more importantly be able to install this camera in a permanent location out of easy arm’s reach from thieves/vandals. This would be a more expensive/premium alternative to the current Wyze Cam outdoor to serve more as a truly wireless security camera then a versatile one. I would want said product to be in the 100ish dollar range per camera. It would also be nice if it didn’t need a dedicated bridge like the current outdoor cam.

The only real competitor on the market is this link:

If Wyze can make this for less than 150 while also not needing a bridge, they would be the superior alternative to the only other similar camera on market.

For this product they should change the default mount to hold what would be a heavier camera more securely, and have more angles you can turn it in then the mount that comes with the current Wyze Cam Outdoor and Wyze Cam V3.

Interesting product name; I read it 3 times before realizing it was NOT a model called SoloCam selling for $40.

Idk what your trying to say. the Wyze Cam we are referring to is for outdoors and primarily wireless. The only SoloCam Eufy makes at 40 USD is an indoor only plug-In model that in no way compares in the same use scenario.

I said what I meant, the product name. The product name is “SoloCam S40”. It looks like “SoloCam $40”. That’s all.

Am told CAM 3 must be plugged in. That limits the ability to use it outside like Cam 2. New light kit with motion sensor is excellent option but can only be used on CAM 3.

Create a CAM that is for outside use and WITH a light kit.

How often would you be comfortable replacing a battery up there? Lot of power draw from lights and camera.

And by the way the V3 IS a camera “for outside use with a light kit”. :slight_smile:

Yes V3 is a camera for outside but needs to be plugged in. If plugged in outside now the intruder just unplugs it! So now you have to run wiring outside.

I’m sure you don’t really mean it that way, but that post seems to say that just because the V3 is plugged-in outside, it can be stolen? The WCO can be stolen, too, or tampered with.

As for the choice between spending for external wiring vs going out every couple of days to switch WCO batteries, I’ll opt for wires. Or go without. That depends on each person’s priorities, of course.

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I would very much like the OPTION of using the Outdoor Cam without the base station; and an OPTION to use the same motion detection mechanism as the indoor cam. The PIR detection is of marginal value beyond 20’. Providing the options described would enable use as a 1-day “survey” cam.

You just described the V3 camera.

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The V3 camera requires a power connection. The outdoor cam does not. I am basically looking for a battery powered V3 cam, The outdoor cam is fully capable, if the specified options are available. I fully understand that the battery will be exhausted in about a day; that is tolerable for a “survey” cam.

There’s a reason you think the WCO has limited capabilities; it’s the power requirements. You can’t have both, unless you supply a big battery. The limited power forces the WCO to offload some of its processing tasks to the base.

Like I said; I recognize that the battery will be quickly depleted. But my sense is that the WCO battery will last somewhere between 4 and 24 hours. Perhaps more with a narrow detection zone. That works for use as a survey cam. I have powered a V3 with an Anker PowerCore; lasted almost 4 days.

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Perhaps you didn’t get what I’m saying. You want to lose the base. The base does some of the WCO’s processing now. If the WCO has to take up the slack, its battery is no longer sufficient to do what you expect it to do.

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