Wyze cam outdoor v2 poor video connection on one phone, not another

I have a wyze cam outdoor v2 that has been up for a month or so. I shared it with my wife. We both have pixel phones, and our network runs on eero routers. Her phone is newer than mine.

The base station connects via WiFi and is about 15 feet from the camera. Base station signal shows 3 bars. I can watch video pretty well seamlessly. She can watch sometimes, but her video feed keeps going to 0.0 KB/s. It will recover in a bit, then die again.

Today we sat next to each other and my feed numbers continuously ran much higher than hers; when she went to zero I still had significant throughout.

I have rebooted the camera and base station. She has rebooted her phone, removed and reinstalled wyze. No improvement. What’s causing this?

Firmware is up to date on all. This was not a problem when I first set it up. We also have some v3 cams, and there is no problem there.

Is there any power difference between your phones ( like one is older?) Does selecting Account tab > App Settings > Enable Hardware Decoder help?