Wyze cam outdoor SD card

I just purchased a Wyze Cam Outdoor starter kit and extra camera. The hub has a space for a microSD card and so do the cameras. What purpose does the hub SD card serve if I already have cards in both cameras?

The hub card serves as a backup to the other cards since the hub is inside your home and isn’t easily stolen as a camera. Keep in mind you don’t need an sd card, and it’s only for manually initiated Timelapse’s or continuous recording. Motion events are saved in the cloud and accessible via the events tab on the app.

Since you are new to the WYZE Cam Outdoor I suggest you read the information here, especially the FAQ section. Have Fun:



Thank you. I am using the cameras indoors where power is not available so I forgot that they are really outdoor cameras and the cards can be stolen. Also, when continuously recording does the card over-record continuously or stop when it is full? Thanks for the quick response.

Thank you. This is very helpful information.

#1- If you record continuous with the battery operated camera it will be 100% dead in about 6-7 hours.
There are two types of recordings. First on is by setting the camera settings on the app to “detects motion”, that is a cloud event recording. If you do not have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite all you will get is a thumbnail photo of the event which will be on the events page of the app. See bottom of the app home page, If an event video is recorded it will be save to the SD card in the base if you put a card in the base like a 32GB SD card. To view those videos you need to remove the SD card and view on a PC or device with a card reader.
If you put a card in the camera you can do scheduled event recording, I recommend MOTION ONLY.
I would recommend you at least get Cam Plus Lite, pick your price or chose the custom price of $0.00 so you will at least get 12 second cloud videos that are saved on the WYZE server for 14 days.
Recording to the SD in the cam:

PS: That camera will not record an event through a glass window if that is your plan.