WYZE CAM OUTDOOR Picture Quality

The picture on my new Outdoor cam are very dark. Here is comparison of the Outdoor Cam and my Iphone. First is the WYZE Then the IPHONE. Is this adjustable or is the CAM defective.

That looks normal to me. The WCO is taking an average exposure for the whole frame, so with half of it being sky it has to reduce the exposure to compensate. In the iPhone photo the sky is washed out, almost white, so it’s just brightening the ground at the expense of the sky. If you aim the WCO slightly downward you might get a brighter image of the ground.

The camera and post-processing in an iPhone is also far superior to most webcams so I would expect iPhone photos to look better on average than a WCO snapshot.


Which one of them compare to what you actually see?

The picture quality of my outdoor camera is very poor compared to a
V2 camera. Are they all like that or did I get a bad camera?

My WCO has a very sharp and well defined picture… Even better than my V2 cameras.

I did the same thing. My older v2 is similar to the what my IPhone displays and is a true picture. The Outside Cam is just darker.

I agree about being darker. I don’t have indoor/outdoor side by side but from what I can see post 24hrs using one. It does seem not so much darker but higher contrast? And does look sharper than the V2’s. I’m going to setup another outdoor and may be try side by side w/ indoor. Nevertheless,