Wyze Cam Outdoor notifications

Hey all. Thought I would share my experience with this issue. I was getting notifications after setting up the cam and it was sending notifications when it did record something, however those notifications were slow on my androids but that been discussed on here as to why.

But then suddenly I stopped getting notifications for a few days. After a couple days I got frustrated and started looking at all my settings and noticed this was turned “off”. I turned it back “on” and the notifications started again.

Not sure if this will help anyone else.

I just read your post and immediately checked mine and sure enough it had the bell and zzzzzzz. I turned it back on. We’ll see what happens

Used three cams outside under eves, with direct extension cord plug-ins to cams - no issues except for when moving cams and unplugging, forced to do complete reset up to get the cam to work again and connect! Would love to see a permanent post of steps for reinitiating resetup of cam, from powerup, as it should be an easy series of steps, as we do not do cam moves everyday! Well, could someone direct me to those steps? Q? Does Homedepot still sell Wyze?, as that is where I bought the 3 cams that still should work outside under eves 3 yrs ago.

What camera version? If you power down a camera you shouldn’t need to go all the way into the initial install all over again each time, the camera should retain the previous info.

Honestly, it should be automatic. There shouldn’t be a requirement to re-install a camera that has already gone thru the initial install process… Unplugging your camera to move it is no different than a power outage… Should re-connect by itself without your intervention.