Wyze cam Outdoor How to set hours of motion detection

On my other non-WCO Wyze cams, I can set the hours of the day that I want it to detect motion.

SETTINGS:EVENT RECORDING:SCHEDULE: All day, or between certain hours.

How do I set these hours/daily time period on the WCO?

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Interesting question. You can go to Settings → Schedule & Automations and set up a Rule.
Was able to get it working on a V2 but not on WOC. :upside_down_face:
Let me know if yours works. Someone is sure to come by with a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was able to. How did you set it up?
I was able to select “schedule”, then the WCO, then “turn off notifications”. I had to add a start time and tap the “add end time” and add the time for it to end.

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Rules to turn off motion detection and another rule to turn on motion detection at various times work for my WCOs.