Wyze Cam Outdoor. Does it require the base station to record?

I’m trying to see if the Wyze Cam Outdoor would work as a collar camera for my dog. Does it require the base station to record or can it record to SD card when not in range of the base station?

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I don’t use this feature, but the WCO supports travel mode. Here is an image from the wyze Store.

Here is the Link to the actual location, scroll down to near the bottom, you can see it as well. Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Home Security Camera | Wyze

Or you can watch the Video from the Owners of the company. They provide an example of Offline/Travel mode, go to about 11:40:

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How big is the dog? The WCO itself is kinda hefty.

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Have you determined how you would be able to attach it to the dog’s collar?

Of course you will need a SD card.

I would put it in travel mode and experiment to make sure you understand how this works. Also, make sure the image quality is as expected


Thanks! That great news.

It’s for my live stock guardian dog. She’s a big Great Pyrenees. I’m trying to figure out how she’s getting out of my back pasture. In 4 years she hasn’t gotten out on her own but the last week she’s managed to get out somehow.

I was thinking a PVC pipe modified to house the camera and attach it to the collar. Similar to how the old pictures of Saint Bernards would have that small barrel on their collars. I’ll test it out thanks.