Wyze Cam outdoor detection decrease until really poor detection


I have 4 outdoor cameras and since a couple of week I notice that the detection capacity is decreasing. The detection time increase a lot, and some time, despite many movements in front the cameras they never detect or detect after few minutes.
For exemple, last week a delivery boy comes in front my garage until my front door, and both cameras only detected the man when he left the house, after I paid him. So his car stayed 5 min with light on in front the garage and the man comes into my house without triggering any detections, and the camera only detected the man when he left the house.
Other exemple, another delivery boy comes to deliver a parcel, and the front door camera detected him only after he left the parcel and the garage camera never detected his car or the man…

I’m a little bit disappointed, because when I have installed the cameras, the detection was really better.
FYI, I leave in Canada and the temperature are actually below 0 degC. But the detection was good enough few weeks ago even if the temperature was below -15 degC.

So I’m really not confident about the capacity of the camera to detect a parcel thief.

The last camera is in the house and never detected nothing outdoor but, I suppose that this is because the camera is behind a window (I hope…).

I reported the same problems in my Wyze cameras. Right now it’s being triggered by plants moving outside the detection zone and people walking by don’t trigger the cameras about 90% of the time.

I’m beginning to think that the cameras motion detection won’t recognize people because I am not subscribed to their person detection service.

I have the same issue. I’m using my camera to watch wildlife. Specifically, 3 coyotes that live near us.
My Nest cam ,…picked up 5 events last night.
The only detection I got from Wyze cam, is when I carried it outside and was directly in front of it. I’ve played with the zine settings for days,…it sees barely anything. Slow, sluggish…,
This thing is a piece of junk.

It seems to be better since the last update…

Mine still doesn’t capture anything unless it sits in front of the camera for 10 minutes.
I’m glad I didn’t pay a lot for this heap. …but I still feel ripped off. I was hoping to buy a bunch and put them all over the place to watch the abundant wildlife. …but looks like it’s going to be used as a doggy “watch{ cam while I do errands.
Nest cam #1