Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras - constantly offline

Yep I just did that last week they work good…when they work.

mine still go off and on all the time. really time consuming to try to get them back online again, if they EVEN go back online. These cameras are the worst and unless you meet their strict return policy, you’re stuck with them. I have one camera that is a total “brick” and “paper weight” now.

I’ll probably Jinkx myself but I have been using the same 4 Version 1 cams that I installed in October 2020 and they perform everyday without issues and they may only go off line once or twice a year. I have all 4 on Cam Plus Lite in addition doing scheduled event recording to the SD in the cams. I don’t have any of the version 2 WCO and don’t plan on getting any.

***My Base is connected via Ethernet.

Outdoor v3 down for 48 hours while I was out of town. Required a physical power dis/reconnect when I returned. Absolute garbage reliability. Only keeping them because I have the lock. Otherwise they’re going to be trashed asap.

I have all of my plug in cameras V3/V3 Pro plugged into to KASA smart plugs so I can power cycle them from anywhere, home or 3000 miles away. :upside_down_face:

Yep…That Wyze, I use SmartPlugs for the indoor cams which is needed when a Firmware update happens. During the Reboot the cam will not reconnect then all I need to do is remote to the SmartPlug to turn off then power on. The SmartPlug should be Standard with Wyze Cams.

This is a brilliant solution.

Yes that has happened to me also but I’ll tell you what… ever since I got a new modem and router I have 18 cameras all live view and are working flawlessly even the audio is crystal clear this is never happened in 2 years I don’t know if they did an update or I just have a solid internet connection now because my old equipment was 15 years old it was way out of date I have two battery cameras a V1 and a V2 I have the new OG and the pan V3 and the rest of the cameras are V3s… And I couldn’t be happier right now I hope it stays this way. The picture and audio is absolutely perfect I have no complaints at this moment.

Run to the nearest Lotto!!!


Software update yesterday was followed by 2 cameras not functioning with no solution when you are off-site! One of these camera has 5 metres line of sight to the router!

Whenever something’s not working right I just force close the app (android) and open it back up and everything runs smoothly.

Tried that sometimes it works and sometimes not.
UPDATE - I just bought three Blink cameras on sale. Much more expensive but infinitely more reliable. Goodbye Wyze.