Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras - constantly offline

I’ve had so many issues with my V1 and V2 cameras going offline not being able to connect to the internet it’s been a crazy month I finally contacted support and they sent me a new base station I waited a month so in that month I had two cameras that were not working I mean I have plenty more it didn’t really matter but the point was I wanted these cameras to work so I get the new base station I hook it up it works beautiful for about 30 seconds LOL I tried everything for 2 days I finally pull the old base station out hooking up and it’s working beautiful I can’t explain it the only thing I didn’t do was update it it says there is a software update and I just skipped it maybe that’s why it’s working.

Feels like a failed experiment to me. They should just let these go.

I’ll let mine go when they all die off :rofl: They have been working continuous since October 2020.

I have four Outdoor CAM’s and was dumb enough at the time of purchase to buy four starter kits. It was actually a blessing in disguise.

I had all of the same disconnecting issues as reported here. I tried everything from Wyze support and it never worked. Then I put my corporate hat on and thought about things

Being a director of software development I deal with dumb problems all of the time. Stupid developer and quality issues that normal people would never deal with because they have an ounce of common sense.

So visualized the Wyze development team in their offices. What I saw was a developer with a test unit and their laptop. The test unit is not 5 or 6 cams on their desk it more often than not is 1 camera with a single base station about 3 inches apart.

With this in mind I pulled the other 3 base stations out and aligned them in a 1:1 configuration I e. One Cam to one Base.

I configured the events again. Guess what no more issues. I have attempted two CAMs per base station and got the same rando issues just with less frequency.

So it appears as though while"technically" possible to run more than one CAM on a base station it just does not work that way for an extended period of time. More than likely it is due to the multiple CAM configuration never being tested and the development staff working from the point of “there is no reason why it shouldn’trk”. That is a real sensation As soon as I went to a configuration which I thought would mirror that of a Wyze developer, BOOM,. No more issues. Sad but totally true.

So there is my two cents on the topic. I am not sure if the value is there in the Outdoor CAM personally. While nice to not have to worry about power initially you end up worrying about it in a week. Better to have the long USB power run and the stability of the CAM V3 than to have to deal with what feels like a not well supported or thought through product.


More or less the Same issue with outdoor cam. Mine says it is connecting, shows picture that looks live but it is from weeks or months ago. Currently looking at 11/4/22 (today is 12/28/22). Yes, I rebooted everything. Yes, I have good signal (base state connected via Ethernet and close to camera). Yes cam, base and app are up to date. NO, it does not work and has not consistently worked for 6 months. I have the solution to the Wyze outdoor not working well….get a reolink camera. Far, far, far more stable than wyze. Roughly same price. I use Reolink Argus 3 Pro with their solar panel, instead of wyze outdoor.

Since I got both of my outdoor cameras working again when I deleted the base station off of the app and added it back on I did not do the update and I won’t do the update because I’m afraid that will make it quit working again but right now it’s working good.

It just kills me to see so many having trouble with the Outdoor Cams. I’ve bought eight cams and three base stations and have had zero problems with any of them.

Now ,that said, I’ll share that I did have trouble connecting one cam a while back. As someone noted above, the cam claimed to be connecting but never completed. I re-read the instructions and saw that is specifically said to get the cam and base station about six feet apart to complete this step. Did that, It connected right away and has never lost connection.

Maybe that will help someone.

My cameras worked fine for a whole year and then one day they went offline in the base station would just blink I tried everything it blinks for a month and then I got it to work after I deleted it off the system and brought it back on and did not do the update I’m convinced it’s something with the update

What’s an acceptable failure rate for a security system?
Some persons on this forum seem to think this problem is caused by user error. Having installed 4 different systems including commercial cameras, I disagree completely.
Every product line has a percentage of output that will not perform to spec. These products seem particularly susceptible. And repeating the same installation process just produces the same error.
I gave up on my outdoor camera working outside and now it is inside where it works. Outside it had to transmit through a single pane of glass over the same distance.
Not user error!

This was early on as to my comments on Wyze products. There are a number of Wyze Lemmings that fly the flag and will blame everything to User error, you don’t know what you’re doing, etc. I now watch the circus unfold and cry when to those who get burned to Low quality products.

Given the number of grievances aired here, it’s unlikely that all of this is “pilot error.” I find myself wondering if the numbers are skewed because only those with challenges are posting here, or if the products are truly that unreliable. That simply hasn’t been my experience. On the contrary, I couldn’t be happier than I am with the cameras/base stations. I feel for those who have tried again and again and had such negative experiences.

I have found that if my base station is power cycled the outdoor V2 will need to be power cycled too inorder to show back online in the Base Station in the app.

When offline in the base station in the app due to a base station power cycle I am able to access the camera and get to step 3/3 getting video and it stalls out.

I am having the same experience with the Outdoor Cameras (connecting to the Base Station. it is totally unacceptable. After reading the many comments here, I want my money back. I will be looking for a better solution (a different brand).

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What problem are you having maybe I can help you

for those who are having success with these things, I’m happy for you, but after having to reconnect my cameras again this morning, I’m done with these.

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I agree the battery cameras blow… that’s why I use the V3 24/7 recording … playback feature… detects everything perfectly the V1 and V2 battery cameras are a pain in the ass.

Wyze should/could offer a full price credit for the newer version V3 upon return of the earlier versions. 4 cameras and 2 base stations are junk for me!

This is not unlike what happens to a number of companies. They start out with a wonderful product with a great price point, but after early success. they branch out into so many areas and products that stray away from what they did best.

So I’ve just now experienced something similar. On Saturday morning the outdoor cam showed offline in the app (along with 4 of my 6 v2’s). I power-cycled the base-station, it did not help. I power-cycled the mesh router, it did not help.
Next I’ll try power-cycling the outdoor cam, which is a pain since it’s mounted high on a gutter with a solar panel.
(I’ve had the outdoor cam for 3 months, the base-station, the cam and all the V2’s have the latest FW. There have been at least 4 offline outages for the V2 in the past couple of months - compared to zero the year prior - but this is the first such outage for the outdoor cam. The v2’s came back after a power-cycle except for the one time when it was a FW update issue).