Wyze Cam Outdoor battery statistics wrong

As the title States, for some reason the battery usage statistics continue to either accumulate or show the wrong values completely.

One of my outdoor cameras says that the last full charge was 17 days ago which is not the case (I don’t remember when the last full charge was but it definitely wasn’t 17 days ago), and the other one says it was last charged 162 days ago even though I fully charged it today.

I don’t know if this is possibly the cause for one of the issues but even though the battery was fully charged when I turned it on the app shows and only 99% rather than 100%, so I was thinking maybe that was the reason why it’s not reporting that it had been fully charged.

However, the one that only shows that it was fully charged 17 days ago is just flat out wrong. I can’t think of anything that might be causing that.

Is anyone else seeing this type of issue? I’m not having battery life issues or anything like that just that the battery usage statistics are showing the wrong values or certainly not what I would expect them to show. Both cameras are running firmware The app is version 2.47.0 (373). Thanks!

Same exact problem on my outdoor cameras. One said I charged it today. Haven’t touched it for a month. Another says its been 622 days since the last full charge. That one I charged 3 months ago overnight.

I think I’ve figured out how to get it to report correctly and it’s actually pretty simple but didn’t dawn on me at the time. I usually charge my cameras with them turned off and then when they’re fully charged I unplug them and turn them back on. However doing it in that order seems to be what’s causing the camera not to recognize but it’s fully charged and reset the counter.

So what I found that works so far (at least on the last two complete charges) is to turn the camera on after it’s fully charged (Don’t unplug it yet), wait for it to connect to the base station so that you can view it in the app (not sure if waiting for it to connect is necessary but I do it anyway) then unplug the charging cable and that has worked for me and hopefully it works for you too!