Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station & Switch Firmware Beta Test 4/20/2022

I tried live streaming one of my test WCO cams earlier today and noticed all WCO cams in that group were displaying -68. I tried sending a log and realized that while my mesh WiFi system was up, my Internet service was out. :roll_eyes: All 3 base stations status lights were blinking blue. Internet service was restored 5 minutes later and all base stations recovered successfully with no action on my part. :+1: :smiley:

It’s been 10 days and minus a brief Internet outage, all WCO cams and base stations have been running continuously with no problems… 1 base station connected via WiFi, 2 base stations connected via Ethernet. 2 WCO v1 cams with Cam Plus, 1 WCO v1 cam with Cam Plus Lite. 2 WCO v1 cams in a group by themselves. 1 WCO v1 cam in a group of 14 cams with dissimilar cam types.


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