Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station Firmware Beta Testing 12/7/2020


  • Wyze Cam Outdoor: 4.17.0. 195
  • Base Station: 4.16.0. 197

What’s New:

  • Fixed a bug preventing the Base Station from connecting to a network without a password
  • Fixed a bug where special characters (i.e. space in SSID) cause failure in setting up wireless Base Stations
  • Fixed several bugs with motion-only scheduled recording

Any idea about changing the ability to see more than 30 motion-only clips in the Album at a time? We have to delete clips if we want to find anything beyond 30 saves. I had to delete almost 100 clips before I could find ones I wanted to check again from several days ago.

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I am still unable to update the firmware for my Wyze Cam Outdoor. This has been the case since back in September when I first got the device. The only time I’ve managed to update the firmware was after doing so manually with a firmware provided here on the forums. Updating through the app has never worked.

I have just submitted logs, ticket ID 72296.

No matter how many times I try I cannot get the Base Station to connect to my wifi network.
I feel like it connects for a second and then disconnects because the light blinks and then goes solid and then blinks again and stays blinking until I plug the ethernet cable back in.
Also sometimes when I’m in the app the network settings I input are gone but then sometimes they’re there. All other Wyze products connected without any problems.

Any help? No spaces in SSID, 2.4 GHz, on a good open channel, AT&T, and 20mhz.

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I am having the same exact issues

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