Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station Bricked after Firmware Update

Hi all,
Just wanted to update you that I have submitted a ticket with Wyze and they have been very responsive. I am working with them now on a replacement base station. I still hope they can figure out how to fix their FW update process. It seems as though the process should be atomic allowing a roll-back if each stage of the process does not send a completion ack…

Yeah firmware updates sometimes are a “Fix one break two” event :astonished: :astonished:. I have had my issues also on updates. I guess I am lucky and have had good luck dealing with support so far.

Had to go through Amazon since I’m in Canada and it was purchased through them. They sent me another base station and all is good now.

Same problem here. Bricked base station after last update. Solid yellow LED. FWIW - This was an early base station that had trouble connecting via WiFi and had to use cable connection.

Contact customer support, they replaced mine without any questions

Support supplied a new base station. The station and cameras are now staying online, however, they don’t record events even if I walk right by a camera, It also takes about 15 seconds or more to connect to a camera to view real-time, if it connects at all.