Wyze Cam Outdoor Base SSH username and password?

Does anyone know what the username and password is to login to the base station using ssh?

I have a base station that was bricked last year after I tried downgrading the firmware (long story short, a firmware update made the connection to an outdoor camera extremely unreliable). I got a replacement from wyze but I’m curious if the bricked base can be revived. It actually responds to ssh so I figure if I can login, there might be a daemon that just needs to be restarted to make it work again.

I haven’t updated the firmware to the replacement base station since I’m afraid the connection may become unreliable again. Unfortunately the cam plus doesn’t work with the original firmware. Before I update, I want to make sure I can successfully downgrade or at least revive a bricked station if required.

The only Base firmware available to download and add manually is the current one from December 2022 which is so there is no down grading. The bricked base would need to be deleted from your account. You may want to read here:

and here:

Thanks. I actually have a link to version from wyze. It’s the last version I know that worked very well for me. Unfortunately it’s the one that caused the base station to brick after manually installing.

I have since tried manually installing other firmware with no luck. But I do know that even though the base station can’t be set up properly, it is at least able to get an ip address and the operating system is still running since it responds when I connect using ssh. If I can log in as root, I might be able to manually restart whatever daemon is needed for it to work properly.