Wyze Cam OG will not pick up very loud car, despite waking my every night

This is something. It is right behind a single-pane glass window. The car is about 20 yards away. I can hear my voice clear, my ac humming in the background… and every single night my neighbors car wakes me up, and it is obscene, and over the top.

Is there a certain threshold or something of audio where these cameras wont pick up sound, due to noise level? I would guess inside it is 80db, outside it is 200? It is the loudest street car I have ever heard. (Think no muffler, x2 because its dual exhaust. The muffler is useless)

I bought this camera simply to record it while I try and sleep, and it is silent yet getting everything else like its mocking me. I kinda genuinely mean that… it gets everything crystal clear, but this guy is invisible.

*Have tried low and high sensitivities btw

Trying to hear outside audio from a camera inside the window is pretty well pointless - at least with anything close to consumer grade. If you want to hear outside sounds, get the camera outside.


Than I put the camera outside and try. Thank you.

Only need a few seconds to end this,